Ben Spies was a brat

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Alpinestars is doing a great job breaking through the traditional “110 percent” racer interview barrier and showcasing the actual personalities of its riders. First it was Jorge Lorenzo, now it’s America’s great hope, Ben Spies. Temper tantrums? We’d never have guessed that Ben.

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  • Sean Smith

    The four Astars logo’s don’t really bother me, but that Chrome Hearts necklace is just tacky.

  • Tracy

    love that somebody thought a pair of white race boots next to the giant christmas/asian-inspired floral arrangement was just the right look.

  • pinkyracer

    I’d love to have seen that tantrum. you think Mary’s got it on video somewhere?!?!

  • 1

    If I had been the stylist on that shoot, I would have turned those star trooper boots into flower vases.