Buell can still kick Harley ass

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So this is just a Harley XR1200, right? No. Where that bike weighs 260kg and makes 85bhp this Bott XR-1 will weigh just 170kg and make 100bhp. How’s it do that? Why Buell parts of course.

The XR-1 will take its wheels, suspension, brakes, engine and swingarm from a Buell XB12, housing them in a custom steel spine chassis. Looks, like the XR1200, are inspired by Harley XR 750 trackers of yore.

Bott, which also made that ridiculously sexy trellis-framed Moto2 racer, plans to produce the XR-1 as a one-off project or, if enough interest is garnered, as a kit enabling XB12 owners to tackle dirt ovals.


  • Nick

    I love it! The customer put up a shot of the engine on badweb a couple weeks ago, I’ll certainly keep an eye out for the final build pics.

    If only Harley employed some help from EB with their own bikes instead of shutting him down…

  • JonB

    Too bad you cannot get close to the aesthetics of this rendering with a stock framed XB12.

    This looks incredible.

  • Tony

    Every once in a while I get this strange thought. I think: “Cool, now that the XR1200 is racing, Harley may be on their way to producing a real bike.

    The XR1200 should be eligible for, though not competitive in AMA Sportbike. Put a full fairing on it, shorten the wheelbase a bit, drop some weight, do some work on the engine to improve compression ratio and RPM’s, start racing AMA Sportbike and you’ve got . . .

    . . . what Erik Buell was doing 25 years ago.

    • Trev

      Well said, Tony.

      I hope the S&S/EBR partenership will bring S&S powered XB’s way down the line, at a much cheaper price than the other times.

    • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D


  • Glenngineer

    Sucks the HD engine architecture forces performance builders to stick it so high in the frame to get a decent squat ratio, but that render looks like fun.

  • Peter88

    That thing is awesome! The potential being left on the table by Harley is maddening!

  • MotoRandom

    This is just so freaking cool I’m at a loss. One of my big worries with my XB12sTT is damaging the frame beyond repair in a crash. If everything else is still functional, you could get a chopper frame and then give up running the twistys, but that would be sad. I hope things pan out for them making the kit. I can see a nice cafe style being built on this platform as well. Oh the possibilities are just too awesome.

    I realize I’m engaging in pointless optimism here, but I keep hoping that someone who gets paid by Harley to do market research will take an hour or two someday and wander out on to the Internet and see how much interest there is in this type of motorcycle. Maybe get planning folks to start thinking about the future and creating alternatives that fit the market instead of working on next years color combinations and new exciting ways to put a fat tire on the front of a model that’s been around for 15 years. This hunker down with the blinders on approach to “lifestyle cruisers” is just not gonna cut too much longer. Those trendy young people in the new adverts don’t exist in the real world. At least not on new Harleys. I’m not a Harley hater, anything but. I would really like to see them survive. But for God’s sake Harley, wake the fuck up! You’re like an alcoholic with bad liver that just will not stop drinking. You can not continue to live like this. Why can’t you see this when just about every forum member and commenter at pretty much every damn motorcycle website on the Internet figured this out years ago? WHAT THE HELL?

    • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D

      Harley needs an intervetion.

      “Could you please take a seat? First of you, you should know that everybody in this room loves you, and really cares about you. But you can’t keeping living like this, and we can’t just sit and watch you kill yourself. If you say yes to treatment, we can get you on a plane to a real motorcycle market consultant, and start working on your 833 cafe racer.”

      • DoctorNine

        I’ve been saying it for years.
        At least they are finally making bikes in Asia.

    • NickPinkham

      I hate to tell you this, but your worries about the frame are warranted. I had an 07 STT, which my friend crashed. Overall the damage was pretty bad but manageable, but as soon as the insurance guy saw a chip in the frame where it stops the steering (the handlebar was jammed to the left in the crash) he totaled it out. Sad day indeed. Make sure you’re the only one riding it ;)

      • noone1569

        That STT would be a perfect candidate for a stunt bike after that ;)

  • Esteban

    nice.. looks very cool the renders are just ok..

  • DoctorNine

    Reminds me of my old flat tracker.
    Well… actually, it’s a lot better.
    Mine was never this sexy. Nevermind.

  • Steve


  • JRl

    wow. that thing looks amazing. so a kit for XB owners to convert, huh? That sounds like it’d be quite an involved conversion seeing as though you’d have to take pretty much everything off the XB to put on the Bott frame…

  • Richard

    Looks like its time to start looking for a cheap XB….

  • http://rohorn.blogspot.com rohorn

    Try to dig up some pictures of the Buell ‘tracker made by Damian Gregory of Twin Sports over 10 years ago. Interesting character (RIP) and built some very interesting Buell customs in the Inglewood CA area.