Desmoworks, Ducatiperformance merge

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Own a Ducati, Aprilia or MV Agusta? Desmoworks, the best online resource for Ducati accessories, has merged with Pro Italia’s, bringing unrivaled selection and service to a single destination. hosts free parts catalogs for Ducatis and MV Agustas as well as every part, accessory or item of clothing you’re ever likely to need or want.

  • Josh

    Seriously? I stopped reading Motorcycle Daily because of a deluge of this crap.

    • fasterfaster

      Must be a bug in the code. Usually these ads show up on the right.

      • BeastIncarnate

        This is no ad. They really are unrivaled. And, if you’re one of the next fifty clickers, they’ll upgrade your shipping from standard to two day absolutely free! That’s up to $200 in savings, so don’t delay!

  • Duncan

    I’m sure its a mistake. HFL would always disclose if they were being paid for regurgitating mindless press release crap…wouldnt they???

    • Grant Ray

      Maybe you should lay off the conspiracy juice. I hear it’s bad for digestion anyway…

      • Duncan

        Sorry, just seemed a bit rich on the hyperbole :)

  • Myles

    This is actually really important to readers. For some reason a ton of HFL love unreliable Italian fashion bikes, they need to buy parts all the time.

    Also need to buy a ton of carbon fiber license plate holders and stuff to keep up with the bling the rest of their crew brings to the table. Didn’t you know an open clutch cover can shave seconds off lap times?

    • stempere

      I hear you on the italian bike as a fashion accessory (i see quite a few 1198R, S, etc. regularily here in paris, ridden in sneakers, open helmets you get the point).
      But why the unreliable part? While i won’t say they’re as reliable as their japanese counterpart, most italian bikes can’t be deemed “unreliable”, i personnaly own and ride (as an everyday commuter + fun bike for the weekend) a corsaro veloce and the only time the engine failed me was in 20° weather, and it only happened once.

      • Myles

        Up until recently Ducs (specifically) have had short service intervals and reliability issues while making less power than their Japanese counterparts.

        The service intervals have gotten a lot better, but compared to the “Big Four” the reliability still isn’t there.

        It is a heck of a reach on my part to label any modern bike from any manufacturer as unreliable. Manufacturing has gotten pretty great across the board, more time for riding :-)

  • Marlon

    Is this paid?

    • Wes Siler

      Of course not.