Does this look like a 12-year old Ducati?

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Ok, so this is just a MotoGP paint job on a Ducati 900SS, but that’s enough to bring the Terblanche design, originally released in 1999, bang up to date. This bike belongs to reader Miha Kočevar, who’s the president of Ducati Club Slovenia. He plans to race it this coming season in the country’s Desmo 1000 series.

Miha bough this fully-faired 2001-model in 2009 stock, since adding race fairings and the paint job. The 1999 onward 900SS itself was and update to the Cagiva-era bike, adopting styling from Pierre Terblanche’s own Ducati supermono and the ancient 2-valve, air-cooled v-twin. It was sort of a sport tourer and sort of a simple sportbike.

The thing that makes this one remarkable is that, shorn of its awkward headlight and equipped with updated graphics, it looks just as modern, if not more so, than anything currently occupying the Ducati model range. Look at this nose fairing and tell us you wouldn’t take this over the generic Japanese-ness of the 848/1098/1198. Same goes for the tailpiece.

  • Glenngineer


  • Shaun

    Yeah, very neat. I like!

  • Random

    999′s sans headligths are also sexy.

    Even the air intakes look good in race fairing.

    • BMW11GS

      Ahh I love the 999 more and more everytime I see it. There is always a new element to look at.

  • occam

    No, it looks like a 22 year old design.

  • Turf

    I dig it, a race fairing makes the ss’s lines flow.

    but i’m a resident ducati fanboy so take that as you will.

  • damien

    Looks great, but the tail piece definitely looks dated.

  • Ceolwulf

    Looks good, although fully modern, I couldn’t quite say.

    That headlight was always the worst part of that generation Supersport design.

  • Surj

    I’ve never been able to like that generation. To my eyes, the previous gen – particularly the CR, but full fairing as well – are some of the most beautiful bikes Ducati has made.

    But then I also think the Motus is ok-looking.

  • Mark D

    I really, really like that race fairing. Is it after market? Adding something like that to one of the new 749 (or whatever) Monsters would be awesome. Simple, street sport bike. The number is a bit much, but the decals are cool.

    Needs passenger seat, though.