High-res images of the 2012 Triumph Street Triple

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The first shots we brought you of the 2012 Triumph Street Triple and 2012 Triumph Street Triple R weren’t terribly large and were a little fuzzy. Took us a while to find someone at Triumph capable of sharing larger, better shots, but here you go. Like nearly every gallery image published on HFL, these are more than large enough to be saved as wallpapers.

No word yet on a dollar price, but in the UK the Stripple is remaining £6,649. That fits with the mechanical spec, unchanged from last year at 105bhp and 419lbs (wet). Well, the non-R does get aluminum handlebars if you want to get pedantic about things, but this is mostly a case of headlights and paint.

Seems like every time we ride another naked middleweight, we bemoan the fact that it’s not a Street Triple R. Who knows, maybe we’ll actually get the opportunity to do a story on this new bike.

Thanks, Triumph UK for caring about our readers when Triumph NA didn’t.

  • andy727

    It grew on me…I kinda like it now. Pic #6 has some cool looking mods.

  • JonB

    As a would-be scrambler buyer—and general Triumph lover—I’ve always been disappointed by Triumph’s lack of focused NA web, media and marketing assets.

  • aristurtle

    I like the headlights but only with the flyscreen there. Without the screen they look really weird.

  • http://www.ninja250blog.com R.Sallee

    Short of $9,000, what will it take to convince Triumph to give me one of these?

    • robotribe

      If you were the spitting image of Steve McQueen, I’m sure they’d be happy to give you one.

      There’s serious man crush for that guy at Hinckley. I think there’s a direct correlation between images of him in catalogs vs. Triumph jackets and belt buckles sold.

  • FiveG

    Why purple?

    • robotribe

      Why not?

  • Devin

    Ok this bike looks really good in white. Like, really good.

    • Daniel

      Agree :)

      But that purple doesnt look bad at all…

  • Zane H

    I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to come to terms with these new headlights… At least it’s the same great bike behind them.

  • JonB

    The new headlights are incredibly Zorak.

  • gregorbean

    I’ve got the Prince song “Sexy M.F.” in my head now…

  • Vincent

    I wish that had updated more than the color, and headlights. The striple looks so dated imho.

    • gaudette

      Dated? It’s a daytona with less plastic. Besides the classic headlights I’d consider it quite modern.

    • Don

      If that is dated and the current BMW’s are current .. give me dated every time.

  • Lou

    What did they do to the logo on the tank!? I like the purple. Its an old, vintage color for them.

  • Don

    OK, the purple is fine as long as they keep making the graphite and the orange. The headlights are OK but I like my ’09 better. Just don’t start putting alien faces on them at the factory.

  • Coreyvwc

    I like everything but I think messing around with the Triumph logo is a mistake. That has to be one of the most Iconic logos in the industry, keeping a little history around never hurts.

    • HammSammich

      I too was a little bit miffed about the logo at first, but let’s face it…the Hinckley logo itself is a modernization of the original Meridan logo. Ultimately, I like this better than the plain block print that they put on the 2010 Speed Triple. This is a good modern take on the original logo, and I think it fits well on their Urban Sports line. I highly doubt that you’ll ever see this logo on their Modern Classics (Bonnie, Thrux, Scrambler).

  • Johndo

    Try finding an image from Triumph of a side view, without the flyscreen. You won’t. Simply cause the lights are so freakin ugly. The flyscreen should have been made standard…but of course they prefer selling you the 300$ option :)
    Oh and yeah that logo looks amateur, and you don’t mess with a logo like that, certainly not with triumph’s history. Just makes the bike look cheap.