How motorcyclists can help Japan

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Know why we’re covering the Japanese earthquake so much? It’s because, for many of us, that country and its culture are synonymous with the idea of modern motorcycling. That’s also why our friends Jon Bekefy and Greg Hatton have created MotoForJapan. It’s an effort to promote the need for charitable donations to American riders, organizing us as a community to raise money for the Japanese Red Cross. You’ll be seeing this in a lot of places very soon, but you read about it here first. 100 percent of the money donated will go to relief efforts in Japan.


  • JonB

    Thank you guys. I do appreciate the coverage.

  • zipp4

    If you are going to take all the credit for posting this first, don’t you think you owe them a donation?

    • Wes Siler

      Ha, yes. I’m planning to get there in a minute.

      • zipp4

        Fair enough sir.

  • noone1569

    I’m organizing a ride this Saturday, first group ride of the season. I think I’ll charge 10$ rider and donate it to the charity.

  • JonB

    The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive. Employees from Yamaha, Scooter clubs from France, thanks to everyone!

  • dux

    I know I’ll attract some negative comments for this, but are there some better charities to donate to? Certainly there are some local charities that do better work.

    I lived in the Gulf during Katrina times, watched the Red Cross keep tens of millions from EQ relief in California, and steal money from 9/11 victims.

    Anyways, would like to donate, but not to the Red Cross. Anyone recommend any others?

    • aristurtle

      Oh, not this Alex Jones bullshit. 9/11 produced more donations to the Red Cross than they could actually use for that attack, so they started using the donations for the other disasters the Red Cross helps with. Then people started freaking out that the money they donated to the RC wasn’t going to 9/11, despite the fact that they had already used as much as they could spend during the disaster relief, so the Red Cross was forced to basically give away cash payouts to anyone (and I’m quoting here) “displaced, traumatized, or merely inconvenienced” by 9/11.

      tl;dr: it’s your fault, you and the other Jonesites.

      edit: and regardless, this is the Japanese Red Cross.

      • dux

        Sorry, you’re not helping. Are there any other charities we can donate to? Thanks.

        • Kevin

          Because there’s absolutely no chance that you logged on here to air your beef about the Red Cross, no… you just think this is a better spot than all the rest of the internet to find out how else to help Japan. is your friend, dude.

          • Kevin

            By the way, I gave $100 to the Japanese Red Cross and I’m tempted to give another $100 after reading your post.

  • Turf

    I’m in and I’ll pass this around to forums when I get home

  • JonB

    Thank you Turf.

  • Archer

    I gave my saved up S1000RR money to the IRC a couple days ago.

    Wish I had known about this effort then!

    Thanks for covering this in your own inimitable way gentlemen.

    Hinomaru flag goes on the helmet’s left side tonight. Suggest it’s a good way to show we care.

    • noone1569

      How did you get a Hinomaru flag sticker? I would rock on on my Variant after donating.

      • Archer

        I picked up several, on a whim, off the sticker rack at Ricoland in Tokyo Bay on February 25th or so. As of now I have one on two of my Arai RX-7 RR5′s and both my bikes.

        Little did I know, while visiting Sendai for the first time a few days later, what was in store. I had the best dinner ever in a wonderful little restaurant in Sendai (ever had the backbone of a fresh raw tuna… and a spoon?) and clearly remember thinking that the lightly snow-capped mountains juxtaposed with the ocean made for a beautiful place.

        And so many bikers! On real bikes, not the 125 scooters you see everywhere in Japan.

        Even more than Osaka, it seemed.

        Borrowed an R6 from friends, rode in the chilly but sunny weather for a couple of hours along some of the exact same roads shown in the first NHK aerial shots of the tsunami rolling over farmland.

        Still no news from my friends in Sendai, one of whom is my best friend’s brother. Both his brothers and parents live there (he is in Tokyo and OK) and even now no one knows their fate.

        So this hit me particularly hard.

        It’s a human failing that what happens to one or two people you know hits you harder than what happens to 10,000 you don’t. But maybe that’s a coping mechanism, because I just can’t wrap my mind around all of this.

        My friends here back in the states say “I dodged a bullet”. Somewhere in the back of my mind I almost feel guilty for not having been there. Strange, isn’t it?

  • nymoto

    DOne and DOne. Thanks for letting us know about this.

  • Jason

    And thank you all I appreciate you helping this great country I live in!

  • Brad


  • nymoto

    Can you clarify something? After I donated I realized that this goes to the American red cross? Why not go directly to the Japanese red cross? Just wondering?

  • tomwito

    I gave some $$$ then I linked the site to my Facebook page.

  • JonB

    NYM—There wasn’t a direct link through the set-up page to JRC rather than ARC. I’ve spoken to the staff at crowdrise directly and our funds are being sent to the ARC with a moto4japan tag and and an understanding that they be channeled to Japan relief efforts.

    • nymoto

      JonB, cool, thanks for getting back to me. I appreciate you putting this together. Rock on.

      • JonB

        No problem. Community.

  • Archer

    Just a follow up. My best friend lost his brother. I still can’t quite wrap my mind around all this.

    • Wes Siler

      I’m sorry to hear that man.