How Spidi modified its gloves to protect Cal Crutchlow’s injured pinky

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On Monday, Tech 3 Yamaha rider Cal Crutchlow lost the tip of his left pinky when that hand was trapped under his bars during a crash. This weekend, he has to race. The solution? Spidi has rushed through this specially modified glove designed to protect and cushion the injury.

Modifications include a Lycra stretch panel along the entire length of the finger, ribbed stitching to act as a sort of splint, a larger diameter to accommodate additional padding and the increased diameter of the swollen finger, a bunch of padding to isolate the injury from impact and vibration.

There’s a photo of Cal’s finger, taken just an hour or so ago, in the gallery below. Warning, it’s a bit grody.

via TwoWheelsBlog

  • LoTGoD

    Is it wrong to enjoy the fact that we are talking about a piece of 2011 protection and using a hipster word from the 80′s to describe the injury?

    Gag me with a spoon…that pic is, in fact, grody.

  • Barry

    Having had a very similar injury on the same finger for a similar reason(finger trapped between clutch lever and bar while being ground against a stone wall), I have to quote ET: Owwwwww.

  • Pete

    I lost the top knuckle of my right pinky as well. I modify all my gloves with a sewing machine as I hate having the extra flap of unused fabric sticking out. Props to Crutchlow for playing hurt; my hand hurt like crazy for weeks after the injury.

  • Core

    Damn… DAMN…
    That’s rough. Anybody who has lost skin on rough concrete or whatever will tell you it hurts like hell… its a pain to clean.. But doing that much damage… well I feel sorry for the guy. At least he was doing something he loved when it happened.

    • Archer

      That last line is best reserved for a fatality.

      I myself am missing the tip of my right pinky, and I can say with authority, there are a lot of nerve endings in there… it certainly gets your attention.