How the earthquake is affecting Japan’s motorcycle companies

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This illustration shows the locations of Japanese motorcycle factories and companies in relation to the 8.9 magnitude earthquake’s epicenter off the coast of Sendai. So far, the only word of significant damage comes from Honda’s Tochigi R&D facility where one person was killed and 30 injured during the quake. It should be noted that this is an ongoing event, aftershocks continue and tsunami warning remain in place for the entirety of Japan’s east coast.

Illustration: Grant Ray

Even though most of the above facilities appear to have escaped the catastrophe unscathed, it seems reasonable to expect disruptions to production as Japan’s infrastructure reels from the massive quake. According to Jason Fullington’s firsthand report, public transportation in Tokyo is currently shut down completely and the roads — jammed with people trying to reach loved ones or escape damage — aren’t much better. The next few weeks are likely to see energy shortages, continuing difficulties with transportation and emergency measures which could further interrupt normal operations.

You can help by donating to the Japanese Red Cross.

A high-res version of this illustration is included below.

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  • Ray

    Whatever we can do to help as a community response, I’ll join up for.

  • vigor

    selfishly, this was the first thing i thought of when i saw the news this morning. thanks for putting the graphic together.

  • MERC

    Cool infographic, hopefully the worst has passed.

  • markbvt

    I love how the HFL skull is at the epicenter. I knew you guys were evil geniuses, but causing earthquakes? I’m impressed!

    All joking aside though, thanks for the info, and the very best wishes to the people of Japan.

  • Ilya

    Keihin factory is 25 miles south of Sendai. Hopefully they are all good there.

  • Sasha Pave

    Thoughts and prayers with all the families effected, especially for our fellow motorcycle industry folks.

  • DoctorNine

    I still have friends there. I haven’t heard from them. And the phones are still out.

  • Ducky

    I hope the international community helps out as best they could

  • Mr.Paynter

    Realistically: I am hoping the damage and human collateral is as minimal as possible.
    Is there anythign we can do, I can’t see much, but the international community needs to get in there ASAP!

    Selfishly: I put my bike down at nearly 100mph on Friday night after hitting uneven surfaces and tank-slapping off the highway because of un-signposted roadworks and I am gonna need me some Kawa spares… FML

  • FiveG

    Is there any word yet on how this will affect stuff coming to US? With Yamaha having two new models coming in, that can’t be good for them. Also wondering about spare parts.