Jorge Lorenzo, human, again

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Two weeks ago, Alpinestars showed us that Jorge Lorenzo is a human being after all. Now, they’re doing it again. In terms of sports, we hear that Jorge stinks at golf, is fair at darts, but dominates at table football.


In case you missed it, here was the first part of this video:

  • Rosario

    Did anyone else notice that according to Alpine stars, Laguna Seca is in Italy?

  • vigor

    “haha, he called the foosball table football.”
    -billy madison

    btw, laguna seca IS in italy. duh.. our local alpinestars rep convinced me of this.

    • Wes Siler

      It even looks like Italy.

      • vigor

        haha, nice..

  • Brendan

    Don’t they realize they’re supposed to take the flag out once they get on the green?!?!

  • Archer

    Why do I find hin instinctively unlikeable?