Let the AMG/Ducati tie-ins begin

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When AMG announced it’d be sponsoring the Ducati MotoGP team back in November, it was unclear, beyond AMG logos on Rossi and Hayden’s bikes, what the partnership would involve. Aside from those logos, this ad is the first visible instance of the two companies working together.

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The one question this all-white fantasy raises is why?

What does sticking a mid-capacity supersport — the Ducati 848 Evo — into a car ad say about the Mercedes C63 AMG Coupe? Is the C63 a four-wheeled equivalent to the Ducati? Not really, while the C63 is surprisingly fun and capable for a slushbox-equipped luxury car, it doesn’t even approach the hardcore performance of a performance bike. Nor is it meant to, the Mercedes range doesn’t incorporate any true race-level performers, but the Black Series occupy a niche as close to that as is possible within the German luxury brand’s parameters.

In the ad, the C63 is seen to beat the 848. Is the Mercedes faster? Not even close. In sedan format the C63 makes 451bhp and weighs 3,924lbs. That gives it a power-to-weight ratio of .115 bhp/lbs. The 848 Evo makes 140bhp and weighs 370lbs, giving it a power-to-weight ratio of .378 bhp/lbs. As you can see, the 848 Evo would win any conceivable race under 100 miles or so, at which point the bike would need to stop for fuel.

Is it about the experience? Well, I’ve spent a lot of time behind the wheel of a C63 both on-track and off and never once felt like I’d forgotten I was driving a car. While the AMG is fast, capable and fun, it still swaddles you in dozens of airbags, leather seats, stability control, crumple zones and automatically adjusting climate control. When white biker chick walks into the white restaurant, she has to take off her white leathers. Do you think white car driver dude had to do the same with his white driving loafers?

No, sadly we know the answer to why — image. Mercedes is trying to make people think its C63 AMG Coupe means the same thing as a Ducati 848 Evo. It doesn’t, for the reasons detailed above, but it’s perception that counts here. Ducati as luxury lifestyle good? Sadly, that’s what’s going on here. Ducati as image, not experience.

  • BuellDoc

    All you have stated is true! But I did like the production,especially the switch from paddle shift and toe shift! Glad to see she never put a knee down and they both had fun!

  • nick2ny

    That ad makes me want to go out and ride a Ducati! Is it just me or do pudgy new cars seem lamer and lamer. I still like older cars (a lot), but new motorcycles and planes still seem awesome.

  • Beale

    Ewww, how do I get the small of smarmy pretension out of my clothes?

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Motor oil.

  • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D

    Holy God, those are some Aryan looking motherfuckers.

    There’s enough bad juju in any German/Italian union.

    Also, the really relevant comparison here is price. And 848 is what, ~$12k? That Merc must beat least $120k.

    • Kirill

      A new C63 AMG is about $60-70k depending on options. Still far pricier than the bike, of course, but nowhere near $120k.

      • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D

        Oh, I stand corrected. That’s actually pretty reasonable. Err, “reasonable”

  • Erik

    I think everybody needs to lighten up a bit here. First off, they *couldn’t have been racing*, racing is totally illegal on public roads(!!!) and that would be wrong. Second off, the Ducati rider wanted Mr. AMG to catch her, he will pick up the bar tab. Third off, the Ducati HP to weight ratio has to be adjusted for rider weight and gas, so make that an even 500 pounds or so for 3.57 hp/lb. And finally any distance rider knows that he or she can go farther and faster in a car than they can on a bike, it just ain’t the point of going somewhere. Even on the track four wheels beats two. I watched a 1000 cc Suzuki superbike go head to head to head with a shifter kart powered by a 125cc TZ (70 hp vs 140 or so) on a tight track, the pilots were fairly well matched competent club racers, the bike pulled away by a half a track length at first, but after about 3 laps the kart caught him and kept on going. Apples and Oranges.

    • aristurtle

      That’s because the kart has four contact patches and still weighs about the same as the bike. That doesn’t hold for anything Mercedes has ever made.

      Unfortunately, shifter karts aren’t street-legal in the US. (Even the Ariel Atom isn’t, in most states!)

    • Kirill

      The bike pulled away because the shifter kart had to warm up its slicks. This is a silly comparison. Bikes can and will out-lap a car, just depends on the bike, the car, and the track. In this case, the 848 would crush the C63 on just about any track short of an autocross course.

    • Myles

      “Even on the track four wheels beats two” is the most common misconception in the world. A modern open-class sportbike beats pretty much every other production vehicle in pretty much every scenario with a top-flight pilot. Ferrari 458? Slow as hell compared to a Duck 1198 (which is slow for an open class bike! CBR1k generally outpaces it by at least a second or two in most of the comparos).


      Also, it’s not surprising that a go-kart was faster than a superbike – on a go-kart track.

  • stephen

    kinda like that one volvo ad, with a s60 racing a ducati sport classic.


  • slowestGSXRever

    Dude’s voice at 2:38 == creepy

    • Lacubrious

      hahaha Yes! Agreed.

  • wwalkersd

    Hell, they didn’t even take the same route. The bike stayed on the coast while the Merc took to the mountains.

  • Steve

    I’ll all for this trend of ads featuring hot chicks riding bikes. More! More!!

  • moby grape

    Who the fuck sleeps in a dress shirt?

    • http://www.pedalgents.com holdingfast

      with his huge watch on too. ever had your be-watched arm underneath a chick? uncomfortable as hell…

  • Gregory

    Do motorcycles go fast?

    I’ve owned a Suzuki TS90, a Daelim VS125, a Hyosung GV250, a Yamaha Seca II and now a Kawasaki KLR 650. I didn’t know motorcycles could go fast.

    What a strange concept.

    Also, I’ve never seen a hot chick on any of those models. Where do you find the hot drunk sorority chick with loose morals who’s willing to ride on the pillion seat (without melting her high heel to the muffler)?

    Think one of the neighborhood strippers would sit on my KLR? It’s the same color as her hair.

    Portland, OR
    2008 KLR 650 w. milkcrate

    • kat

      in portland? yes, yes i bet you can get them to sit on your KLR. though i supposed that depends on the neighborhood. try the acrop.

    • Sean Smith

      The girls that hang around Casa Diablo are weird enough that they’d enjoy a ride on the back of your purple KLR.

  • Adam

    Why this Ducati sounds like i4 and not V twin?

  • Barry

    Or, you could realize that the same sorts of people that tend to buy high-priced vehicles made in Germany with 4 wheels, also tend to buy a large variety of exotica on 2 wheels. The overlap of middle-age posers I know that own both Ducati’s AND Merc’s or similar German metal stands at a high correlation. Causation? Certainly not. But it’s a VERY similar market niche(sub niche really). There’s also a high correlation between the price of their German metal and the speed with which they promptly ignore the uncomfortable ueberbike they just bought, after lavishing every widget known to man on it. Which is good for me. I like buying them from those people 3-5 years down the road and abusing them at the race track.

  • paul

    eeewww it’s just like a Top Gear clip but with better looking people.

  • Ken

    what a bunch of snivelers..its a hot chick on a ducati fer pissakes.

  • http://www.tripleclamp.net Sasha Pave

    My typical weekend morning… Whatevs…

  • Dennis

    Somebody is seriously overthinking their TV ads. Insomnia?

    • Kirill

      Its more of a promotional spot to show before auto show press conferences and the like, unless Europe likes their ads to be nearly 3 minutes long

  • Justin

    451hp is quite a bit of power…

    • Chris

      You need it to lug around 3900lbs of airbags and infotainment system

  • RSassi

    This ad makes me want to kill.

  • Coreyvwc

    Is this ad made to make me realize how depressing my own humble existence is? Everything about it is just too damn pretty. I’m going to go cry now…

  • Dylan

    “The one question this all-white fantasy raises is why?”
    More like “Why don’t I have a girl who rides an 848?”

    • Gene

      You can’t afford her? She’s probably twice as expensive as the bike and the car put together.

  • Roman

    I was prepared for this to be awesome, but when I finally saw the ad at home, it was kind of cheesy. Or maybe too euro-trashy. I dunno, the lifestyle ads just tend to annoy me. How is it that an ad for a Taiwanese bank has more passion for riding/driving than an ad that features such serious hardware as Duc 848 and a Merc C63 AMG?

    • Kirill

      Because this ad is selling an image, not a product. The Duc and Merc are merely accessories that are little different from his oversize watch or painfully white house. The soft rock really drives that home.

      I want to say that these two are over-leveraged and possibly sub-prime since given the likely cost of that house, he should be rockin an SL65 and she a Desmo. Or its all rented/leased. (If they’re actual people and not actors, obviously)

  • Stuart

    The only relevant thing about this ad is one thing:

  • Edward

    conclusion: advertising, less accurate than you might be inclined to believe

  • matt

    A triumph of casting. Crazy hot freckled blond model on duc 848 (and the girls, they do like to match the outfits with the shoes, helmet, moto), coupled with the precision-unshaved-look douchey hairgel model in the check-out-all-of-my-cash eurosquishcar.
    I think this commercial captures the essential truth, beyond the “racing to breakfast” foolishness, clearly she let him win because he would pout (again, and all day) otherwise.

  • Alex

    AMG did a great job portraying one of Ducati’s most signature features: The Sound. The dub work of the I4 really showed the mutual respect!