Moped riders make bikers look like pussies

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Let’s count the things we see in this trailer: Molotov cocktails, dooring as gang reprisal, fire, slip ‘n slides, backflips, enraged old people, nudity, shit talking. I think a bunch of moped riders just made all of us look bad.

Selected by SXSW and Sundance, “Satan Since 2003” was created by Emmy award-winning documentarian Carlos Puga and tells the story of Richmond, Virginia’s Hells Satans. He describes it as, “an eye-popping peek into this otherwise reclusive society, but also a satirical jab at the process of documentary film-making.”

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Thanks for the tip, Dan Kastner!

  • Devin

    Wow. What a beard.

    • jeremy

      That’s pat, dude is sweet. Built a pool in his backyard for public skating. Richmond represent.

  • BeastIncarnate

    Of course he’s a Packer’s fan.

  • Nik

    Fuck yeah Hells Satans rule. Queue a bunch of old dudes using words like hipster and flannel. Latebirds, caw caw

  • Mark D


    Those big mass-rides look like fun. Saw a day-glo orange spray-painted moped with clubmans outside the Model last night in Boston. Some crazy bastard was riding around on it in 30 weather with 25 mph winds, and salt/sand all over the roads. hXc

    • Miles Prower

      Isn’t there a Puch or Sachs with clubmans often parked on Brookline St between Stefani’s and PLATES?

      • Mark D

        Yeah, that’s right down the block from me. Its pretty ratty, but it looks like the guy rides every day. I’ve seen a fair amount of mopeds in Central during the summer, but never en masse like in that video!

  • ike6116

    What clowns.

    • Ilya

      Anti-clowns, I would say

  • R.Sallee

    What part is satire and what part is real?

    It’s not hard to make bikers look like pussies, by the way.

  • Darren

    I’m just hoping this eventually hits Netflix…

  • Moto-Mucci

    Notice their getaway vehicles are cars, not mopeds. Would probably be difficult to throw a moltov cocktail then flee the scene at 25mph.

    • Miles Prower


  • Chris

    Most of those mopeds hit 50 anyway 25mph mopeds are so 1984

  • Peter88

    What a glorious existence.

  • Miles Prower

    I grew up as a suburban skateboarder in Northern VA, a whole different state from the rest of VA, where Richmond happens to be. Back in the early 80s, we would see graffiti and flyers around DC and Arlington for Death Piggy, the Richmond band that eventually spawned GWAR. I never spent any time in Richmond, but after seeing early incarnations of GWAR, I imagined that the folks in Richmond were very much like the people that I’m now seeing chronicled in this documentary. It’s all starting to make sense now.

    • kidchampion

      Miles, Richmond is somehow far more redneck than cities in the deep south. Maybe Delaware is the best analogy. Somehow a gem like Honor Role was ignored by Richmond and revered in North Carolina, while the opposite was true with Death Piggy.

  • Barry

    Oh great, as if we didn’t have enough hipster-douches riding around Austin on trixie-fixies, now they’re gonna carry over to mopeds to be “freshly alternative” and “anti-authority” once SxSW is over. *groans*

    • James

      I was anti-hipster back when it was on vinyl.

    • Nik

      Called it. Someones a bitter old man.

      • BMW11GS

        haha we’ll see who wins this one. I for one don’t buy the “just because they also like two wheel transportation methods means we must accept their form into the motorcycle cannon, regardless of their other qualities.” Can we call a spade a spade anymore?

  • slowestGSXRever

    … I’m not so sure those dudes are “all there”…

  • Todd

    If the Richmond police are still looking into these cases of theft, destruction of personal property and whatever else was not shown in trailer, I give them Exhibit A. When I was a kid, this area of Richmond was crime ridden (Murder Capitol of the US at least once) and a lot of people moved outside the downtown. There is a reason it was not recommended to go outside after dark. At one point, the U.S. Postal service would not deliver mail to a particular block there.

    Now it’s become cool for “young hip alternative people” to live in that area no matter what your economic state (rich or rich dressed poor). Those that were not a part of something in the past are doomed to imitate it poorly.

    At least not in Virginia, *everybody* cannot buy a motorcycle. That requires a motorcycle license which means you have to pass the test or the MSF course. Also the last time I checked, I have to do some work on my bike.

    Mopeds on the other hand under a certain CC do not require a motorcycle license. For that matter, they don’t require a driver’s license.

    Why do the pretty ones have to be so dumb and have imperfect teeth?

    Fear the beard.

    • jeremy

      what the hell are you talking about?

      • Wes Siler

        I have no idea, but it’s still a pretty awesome comment.

  • dux

    I wanna watch this 400x more than Spiderman 4 or whatever shitty movies Hollywood’s releasing this summer.

  • caferacer

    Man I do love me some good moral panic! Of course those of us here with noticeably (ahem) “larger displacement” have been behaving badly on wheels of our own care and construction for generations, although we do appreciate the homage oh Bearded Ones.

    My how our tastes have decayed… We gave your (grand?) parents a beatdown in Brighton back in 1964, and by many accounts we clearly should have used higher-quality deck chairs.

  • Bronson

    Awesome! Reminds me of our supermoto street group rides.

  • Joel

    haha anytime someone comments with the word hip, hipster, alternative, ironic, etc., they are just showing what a fucking bitter old man they are. Remember when being different than the Squares was interesting? Have fun dressing like a leather daddy on the weekends.

    • paul

      leather daddy! spat my coffee….

  • Mattro

    if anyone’s surprised to see 100 scene kids on mopeds, they definitely let their subscription to hipster quarterly lapse in 1999.

    • Mark D

      pshh, HipQua sold out in ’97. I ready Neck Beard Monthly now.

      • BMW11GS

        haha, neck beard monthly! reminds me of Thoreau’s nasty example during his stint at Walden.

  • Your_Mom

    With that beard he could pass for an Irish Fidel Castro…

  • Core

    What is it with people always being assholes to rebel?

    I want to see something different, a group that because really constructive and helpful and rebels in that way! (Of course it’d probably require to much work so no one goes this way)

    • BMW11GS

      boom, this is it.