MV Agusta Brutale 675 specs leak: 120bhp, €8,990

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Details have begun to leak from a dealer conference MV Agusta held in Varese last weekend. While no cameras were allowed and, to the best of our knowledge, no pictures have leaked, tantalizing details of new models have been revealed. What should you be excited about? Oh, just a 198bhp version of the F4, a Serie Oro version of the F3 and a price for the much-anticipated MV Agusta Brutale 675.

The information comes from a frequent poster on MV Agusta Forum France and is backed up, in part, by MV and, of course, what MV CEO Giovanni Castiglioni told us himself last year.

Let’s start with the big news, the 675cc Brutale. Last October, Giovanni told us it “will be priced below €9,000.” Reports from the dealer conference suggest that price is, in fact, €8,990 and is expected to enter production in February 2012. That price is identical to that of the Triumph Street Triple R in Italy. The Brutale 675 is obviously based around the F3, but, again according to the French, detuned to around 120bhp.

We’ve swooned over the MV Agusta F3 and been told it’ll go on-sale in November, but the dealer conference brings us news as to how those first sales will work. Allegedly, the first sales will mimic those of the F4 Serie Oro all the way back in 1998 — the first 200 units will be equipped with Ohlins suspension and, at €24,900, sold for more than double the standard F3’s €11,500 price.

MV is targeting a 140bhp output for the F3’s 675cc engine, also spec’ing full ride-by-wire control and a counter-rotating crankshaft. Giovanni claims it will be “the smallest supersport motorcycle ever produced.”

As for the special hi-po F4? It’s apparently being dubbed the “Corsacorta” which translates to “race short” likely meaning it’s a short stroke, high-rev motor said to develop 198bhp. That’s up from 186bhp on the stock F4. Ohlins suspension and other upgraded running gear will justify the €30,990 price and it’s said to be coming matte white or red.

MV Agusta Forum France,, Visordown

  • Kyle

    Best comeback in motorcycle history. These bikes seriously need to drop, some US pricing wouldn’t hurt before that though

  • Michael

    yeeah, they are coming out swinging

  • aristurtle

    That Brutale’s price was not really a surprise (whenever a company says “Will cost less than x” they invariably mean “Will cost xε“). I wonder how much it will cost in dollars when it comes to the States? (It will, right?)

  • Miles Prower

    Brutal 675. Uh oh, I can already hear the sound of the instant-transfer check-processing machine at my dealer clearing my purchase.

  • Tony M.

    God I wish I could afford an F3. Looks like I’d need to start saving a few years ago to afford one when it comes out.

    Anyone have a time machine I could borrow?

  • BeastIncarnate

    If it’s priced comparably to the Street Triple in the US (not sure how likely that is), then I say wow.

    • Wes Siler

      Prices will likely be a bit higher here in the US. Exchange rates, certification, importing, etc.

      • Myles

        My guess is 11k.

      • Kyle

        Conservative 10k and change with the F3 being 12-13. God I hope.

  • fasterfaster

    I’m glad at least one other company finally recognizes that the Street Triple R is currently the best street bike on the planet, and I’m REALLY glad that the company is MV Agusta.


  • Dan

    Are there any bikes that currently compete seriously with the Street Triple R?

    I ask because I’m selling my bike (2007 Monster 695) because a knee surgery scheduled for next week will keep me from riding for a few months, and am starting to think about what comes next. I was looking for another middleweight naked to do double-duty as a weekday commuter and weekend canyon-rider, and the Street Triple (either stock and brought to Race Tech for suspension work or in R-guise and left alone) seems like the best of the crop. I’m looking to buy used around the $6500 mark (sadly excluding things like a 675 Brutale, which i’m sure will be gorgeous) and want to stay away from ducati for variety’s sake.

    Is there anything else I should be looking at?

    • BeastIncarnate

      There’s nothing comparable in the naked middleweight segment – at least in the US. There’s the Monster 798, which isn’t a world beyond the 698. Yamaha’s new FZ8 is out of the price range and a step down from the Triumph. Honda and Suzuki have nothing. Kawasaki’s ER6-N is a big step down. Aprilia has nothing. BMW has a bucket of disappointment. Triumph is easily the best of the middleweights.

      Liter and larger is a much more varied mix. FZ1, Z1000, CB1000R, Super Duke, Tuono, Streetfighter, Speed Triple – all great bikes.