Party: Shutter Speed

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Saturday night saw The Selvedge Yard combine forces with Secret Service LA to exhibit a series of photos Scott Pommier shot of vintage BMW rider and fire breather Stacie B. London. A film created by Toast to accompany the photos was also shown.

Photos: Nick Maggio and Sean Smith

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  • Scott-jay

    Watched wanting: all shaky-cam all the time is altogether too much.
    But still: we’re talking almost seven minutes of sweet young woman & fine old motorcycle.

  • Glenngineer

    Holy shit, HFL party and someone was drinking something other than PBR!

    • Sean Smith

      Tecate and Modelo man. And it was free!

    • Grant Ray

      Ha. That wasn’t an HFL party. Sadly, we’re still in the Land that Summer Forgot.

      • Sean Smith

        I rode home in the rain that night. Sunny SoCal is doing the whole ironic hipster thing right now with it’s weather.

  • Coreyvwc

    Nothing like an actually attractive hipster chick on a vintage motorcycle. Take note american apparel photographers!

    • Mark D

      That’s nothing like an AA ad. The young lady seems to be there voluntarily, and doesn’t appear to be ankled-chained in some creepy dude’s basement.

  • Ruben

    Who is that cool looking mofo in the brown leather jacket?