Remembering Bill Drabek

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In 1954, Bill Drabek shoehorned a Ford Flathead into a 1940 Indian Four, creating the Indian V8 that now resides in David Edwards’ garage. Drabek put 40,000 miles on that Indian before he died in 1968. Having discovered the unmarked grave of Drabek and his wife Jean, David is now embarking on a project to create a fitting memorial to the talented builder. You can help.

The V8 Indian Gravestone Project

  • Steve

    Done. I put my money where my mouth is. Thank you to David for taking on the organization of this project.

    BTW, you might make it a bit easier to find where to send the money. paypal to for those who want the shortcut.

    • Pat

      Me too

      We’re on our way…

  • gregorbean

    Any more up to date pics of the restoration that was documented in the last article? Any progress been made?

    • David Edwards

      Progess has been made in terms of acquiring more parts, a new repop rear brake drum for one, but the frame/engine assembly is largely as seen in the last HFL article. Will post some new photos at the next milestone, when the bike is up on its wheels.

      Big thanks to all who participate. Now that the fund site is up and running, I’m talking in detail with the headstone company about design.

      • noone1569

        Hey Dave, could you give an update as to how much has been raised beyond the $180.00? I would like to see how generous our HFL brethren are ;).

  • noone1569

    I’m not affluent by any means, but I will forgo starbucks this week to help this man get a gravestone he certainly deserves. A motorcycle god.


  • Mark D

    Thanks, Dave, for setting this up. Its a great story, and well worth the money to have a fitting memorial.

  • Mike

    Threw a little in just now. We’ll get there in no time.

  • stephan

    feel like a shit head for so many other reasons, at least got this one right

  • David Edwards

    After just a couple of days, we’re closing in on $400, including 10 euros from Hugues in France. Merci to all.

    • noone1569