Riding has no rational explanation

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Exploring the rides and reasoning of a group of motorcyclists in the Mid West, this documentary is sort of a personal look into motorcycling as passion. Riding a motorcycle may not have any rational explanation, but this is one man’s attempt to answer the question, “why ride?”

Photo: Grant Ray

All this was created by one guy, Tommy. He even wrote the music, which his wife performed.

Thanks for the tip, Travis.

  • Trent

    where in WI are these roads?!? i live in chicago and struggle to find twists like that…

    • Andrew

      Not to help, but any recommendations Trent? I’m just starting in Chicago and want something other than grid to learn on.

      • Trent

        To be honest, I spend a lot of time up in Wisconsin for the really fun riding. Kettle Moraine is great and there are other back roads you can find about an hour outside of Chicago. In IL, check out Starved Rock.

        • Andrew

          Thanks mate!

    • Taco

      yeah yeah Chicago represent

  • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D

    I can’t tell whether videos like this make suffering through another dark, cold, slippery NE winter better, or worse. Oh well, it’ll be 50 on Saturday, and I’ll be wrenching!

    I like the music too! Quite a project to record an original sound track, and edit all that on-board footage.

  • David


    • moby grape

      Fucking awesome!

  • Travis

    Trent, southwest Wisconsin.
    Tommy’s’ movies help me get through the winter.

  • slowestGSXRever

    dancing @ 38:20 == friggin’ AWESOME.

  • Frosty_spl

    I’m digging the soundtrack.

    • pavinguire

      right on; like Swingout Sister meets Sade… great edit to the action…

  • Julia

    Wildcat Mountain?

  • Zach

    Makes me miss Appalachia.

  • greg

    holy midcorner correction batman! some pretty atrocious body positioning to boot.

  • RSassi

    How are joy, serenity, laughing in your helmet, riding cross-country, coloring in the lines of a children’s book – “painting something you see inside”, liking who you are, and freedom and adventure on the bike NOT rational explanations? I’ve been nearly shot to death, beat to inches of my life walking home – great danger in seemingly benign circumstances. Risk is everywhere constantly and I’m not sure we are ultimately capable of regulating how much we are exposed to over a long enough period of time. It would be totally illogical to ignore or forsake all of those sensations and possible experiences because you believe you may be putting yourself at an elevated risk, sometimes more or less than others. Who can say? If I lived another day or week without riding it would be completely irrational considering how stupid life can be no matter what you do.

    • Gregory


    • Chris

      Very true, life can be dangerous and unexpected no matter what you do, but there definitely seems to be an aversion to risk in mainstream modern society that keeps people from trying new things or engaging in activities that are percieved to be dangerous out fear or apprehension.

  • Chris

    Its nice to see someone without a million dollar contract with an energy drink company or a 6 part miniseries and cororate sponsorship make a well made riding video. Not to put those down who are sponsored and have a big budget for their films, its just cool to see the other side of riding films, people who have very few resources yet use those resources to the absolute limit and to the best of their abilities to make an ineresting project.

  • Keith

    Enjoyed the video and especially the soundtrack. Nice that it’s not another raging guitar, hard edge pounding track. Sounded really good an headphones.
    I did, however, get a bit tired of yet another edit to bikes leaning in corners.
    20 minutes of that could be cut and still have a great product.
    Kind of like Lord of the Rings..oh look another battle scene…LOL
    Anyway, great overall effort.

  • gregorbean

    Not crazy about the soundtrack, in fact had to fast forward it to make it through. Some good riding though. And damn!!!1! @ 22:35. Lucky it was just a grassy hill there…

    • Travisty

      There was a large boulder hiding in that grass. It snapped my triples like tooth picks.

      • gregorbean

        Wow, glad you’re okay!

  • Keith

    Travisty, glad you didn’t get badly hurt. I think we all winced watching the low side bobble and the off…OUCH!

  • Tommy

    Hey, Tommy here. I appreciate all the kind words. Some of you noticed stuff that mean a lot to me. Thank you!

    No matter what he types here, Travis give me more shit about movies than anyone!

  • Core

    I really liked the background music, it was pretty sharp. The only thing that bothered me was that the music overwhelmed the lyrics, or the words a bit too much.

    Good trip. Well except that one part where that riders rear tire slipped out from under him and he decided to go off roading on a sports bike. Talk about taking the path less traveled. haha… it scared the ‘wtf’ right out of me.