Rossi’s Qatar colors

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Valentino Rossi debuted his new helmet today at practice for the Qatar GP. The AGV GP-Tech incorporates his number 46 on the rear, surrounded by a crescent moon in Italian flag tricolore, also notable is the inclusion of sponsor Monster Energy’s logo. But the most interesting new graphic isn’t on the helmet itself, it’s a new graphic element on the Desmosedici GP11 that’s a possible nod to trouble Rossi is having taming the machine.

This graphic of Rossi trying to desperately cling on to the Ducati, snapped by, is new this weekend. The former world champion has been struggling to turn competitive lap times aboard the GP11, failing to crack the top 10 fastest lap times during pre-season testing and today lapping over a second slower than Casey Stoner during free practice.

  • Scott-jay

    Valentino & Ducati, obviously sand-bagging.

  • UrbanRider

    If this helmet was on anyone but Valentino I would describe it as vomit inducing but hell, it’s Rossi!

  • george_fla

    There’s no “possible nod” about it. Rossi has no problem with poking fun at himself when he is having a issue. Example: jack ass helmet after front brake stabbing low side @ Indy, his face on helmet yelling/scared because of Mugello straight being so hard to slow down at the end of and numerous more that I cant even begin to remember.
    But dont fret,he may not be laying down blazing times aboard the GP’11 ‘sedici but he is riding it smoother than any one else has to this point. That says something.

  • Alex

    Rossi’s had Monster on his helmet for 2 years already, this being his 3rd. Previously on the front chinbar it just said “Monster Energy”, but it’s now switched to a M-Claw. The two side Claws on the shield have been there all along :)

    That sticker is humourous.

  • Sasha Pave

    Rossi can do no wrong, the guy could come out in purple and brown and we’d still go nuts.

  • motoguru


  • Michael

    I’m a clairvoyant, able to see the future. He’s going to have a hard battle with Spies for the 3rd step on the podium, but Ben’s going to pull away on the last lap and Rossi will be 4th….Just sayin’.

    • Sasha Pave

      Who’s 1st &2nd? Stoner and Dani?

  • zato1414

    Bitchin!! All through the testing season… those colors were pure puke, but being Rossi, he pulled it all together. Sooner or later he will add fire to the Ducati smoke.

  • frankieapples

    Are they selling that sticker?