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Faded, marked up, plastered over, worn in, labyrinthine, and impossibly full of a seemingly infinite supply of categorized odd and rare parts for vintage bikes, exploring the back of Century Motorcycles down in LA’s San Pedro neighborhood is like falling into Wonderland. Click below for the feature:

Shop: Century Motorcycles

  • RocketSled

    Denver has a place called Steele’s that could benefit from a similar photomontage.

  • Dan

    There was a place in Flint Michigan called Flint Indian Sales that was a trip to walk through,had tons of parts, old bikes still packed in crates.Everything was sold at private auction, I heard the stuff sold for millions.

    • Cameron

      Where was this in Flint?

      • Dan

        It was on Saginaw Street,downtown by the river. I don’t think the old building still stands. The Autoworld/U of M project really changed that area.

        • Dan

          Cameron,This thread made me think about Herb and all the things in that shop,just google flint indian sales, the whole story is there, pictures of the parts and bikes, a good read.

          • slowtire

            Checked it out, amazing!

  • Dan

    BTW there was a story about the place and the auction in one of the major cycle rags,Cycle World I think,but I’m old so I can’t remember.

  • DoctorNine

    Who says America has no history? Pffft!

  • noone1569

    I think these are my favorite articles on HFL. Everyone one of us has been to an old shop like this and just oogled over everything. Its beautiful that a publication would seek these items out and highlight them.

    Here in Indianapolis, we have one called Cycle Recycle. It’s nuts. Parts everywhere, lots of history. The old guy there could answer damn near any question you could ask him.

    • Scott-jay

      Thank-goodness, shop galleries are virtual icons at HFL.
      Imagine a HFL shop gallery resulting from Grant’s visit to service department at BMW or Harley brand-boutique…

      • Wes Siler

        We went to a Harley dealer once:

        • slowtire

          I knew you guys were older than you looked!

  • HammSammich

    These shop features are amazing, Grant. You have an uncanny ability to capture the essense of a shop, and convey the story of their history without words. Well worth the price of a subscription. Thanks!