Shop: Earl’s Cycles

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Just off the 110 Interstate, right before it dead-ends into San Pedro, California is a tiny unassuming shop where underground legend Earl Kane has quietly been building some of the best SoCal British bobbers the exact same way for decades. Click below for the feature.

Shop: Earl’s Cycles

  • Dan

    These old shops are great,I could hang here all day vs ten minutes at Harley-Mart.

  • Core

    I just wanted to say, when I first came to this site, and read/viewed articles like this.. the way you had the pictures set up.. and just scroll through. At first I found it weird for some reason. No clicking like Im used to..

    But I have to say, I really came to appreciated it this way quickly. Its seamless and smooth.

    Also, cool shop.

    • noone1569

      I agree completely; this method has a certain style about it that is pretty awesome, which, is what HFL is all about. I hated it at first, scroll right, really? Now, I would hate if they changed it.

  • Gregory

    I’ve never seen metal shavings so beautiful.

    Portland, OR
    2008 KLR 650 w. milkcrate

  • HammSammich

    Heehee…your points are showing ol’ timer. ;)

    Looks like a great great shop. Thanks again HFL.