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Telling the story of a lone biker gang roaming some vaguely western scene and living by their own code of justice, “Untitled” by Connor Hair manages to tick off just about every biker stereotype box. Hell, it even ticks them off using a knife. Is this really who people think we are or is it who we think we are?

Update: the film’s creators have responded.

Fellow subscribers of Hell for Leather Magazine,

Allow me to explain.

I can understand how this picture might be upsetting if received out of context.

This was in no way meant to offend anybody how rides motorbikes. Rather, it was a campy effort (by those who do) to entertain the community all in good fun.

A group of us in Seattle wanted to try our hand at shooting a western. This idea turned into a motorcycle flick because the resources were available (our own bikes). It’s nearly impossible to make a spaghetti western without casting stereotypes. I’ll go further to say that we have a new respect for the actors who have to play these characters. It’s not easy to execute and it’s even harder to see yourself trying but if any of you have an interest in filmmaking I’m going to suggest that you go ahead and try… you will have a blast as long as you don’t take it too seriously.

— ToddB

Connor Hair on Vimeo

Lords the movie

  • Wilbur

    what in the hell…… I want my 13 minutes back.

    • Kevin


    • slowestGSXRever

      My god, that was simply terrible.

  • Debrando

    This short movie is a joke.A bad one…

  • Glenngineer


  • jpenney

    Where were the baggers with apehangers?

  • Mark D

    I agree, this video does nothing but perpetuate the stereotype that all guys with slicked back hair are creepy rich evil weirdos.

    Wait, what were we talking about?

  • ktaisa

    “I mean are you a whore?”

  • SodaO

    It sort of lost me after seeing motorcycles made from parts of old dishwashers and vacuum cleaners.

  • Uncle Fluffy


  • tomwito

    They forgot the (GAY) in front of Lords.

  • Deryl

    It was not that bad.
    It plays off the basic American cinema mythology of simi-good guys vs. evil.
    Which for the most part is just a retelling of the works of Homer.
    Westerns, Biker Movies, Si-Fi, Super Hero all the same stories, just different protagonist.

    I liked the nod to “then came Bronson” with the night watch cap that the “hero” was sporting. I also liked the Masonic ring of the bad guy.

    As to the Biker mythology, lets face it, it was invented by Hollywood just like the Cowboy mythology was invented by Hollywood.
    The world of Harley-Davidson and its clones owes its soul to Marlon Brando and Hunter S. Thompson. The world of “Western” life style owes its soul to Roy Rodgers and John Wayne.
    Neither Myth has any relation to history or fact.

    The up side is the cash that this myth creates for the motorcycle industry.

    The down side is the people who fail to recognize it as a myth. John Wayne failed to even fight in WW II much less win the West and most “Out Law” biker gangs are criminals (as in thieves, rapist, murders, pimps, ect) who just happen to ride motorcycles.

    Now if I could only learn to mumble like Brando.

    • Mark D

      My thoughts exactly. Its a very Tarantino-esque take on American archetypes, which would include bikers as modern “gunmen”. For an amateur flick, its got high production values, actually. I saw it as more of an exercise in cinematography than a “motorcycle story”, per se.

      Just because the protagonists/anti-heroes are “hipsters”, I hope people don’t automatically douche all over this piece of art people obviously worked hard on.

      • mikedard

        Formula film short with a poor choice of characters, lacking reality. Short films are hard to pull off. The cinematography was good keep trying.

  • shaun

    hipster shit

    • Critter

      Nah, that’s art school shit…

      A hipster would’ve shot it on his iPhone.

      • ike6116

        art school is like a hipster factory.

  • Peter88

    I’m guessin’ some of us are really like that.

    • robotribe

      Correction: some people like to think they’re like that.

  • Scott-jay

    So bummed when our hero left his Zippo lying in the road.
    You know, right before he murdered the bad sunglasses man.
    : )
    Motorcycles are incidental here. Obviously, Hairy’s film is a study of color black.

  • Kirill

    Too much of what happened in the film makes no sense. If a filmmaker isn’t going to bother explaining the characters, he should make it so that their motivations are clear.

    As it stands, the guys in the car are dicks, the guys on bikes are sort-of-noble dicks, the chick has some connection to the dicks in a car and, uh, right there’s a fight. The entire bar scene just really screws it all up.

  • markbvt


    By the way, I can think of quite a few motorcycle stereotypes that this thing didn’t touch. The logo-adorned Harley chromosexual. The prissy Aerostich-wearing BMW guy. The Power Ranger-suited sportbike rider. The ultra-cheap KLR guy (and its subspecies, the V-Strom rider). The t-shirt/shorts/flipflop-wearing Gixxer squid. I could go on…

    • Gregory

      I think I qualify as the “ultra-cheap KLR guy”. :-)

      Motorcycling is cold, wet, windy, loud, muddy, uncomfortable, lonely/ individualistic, can’t carry much, slow, slushy suspension and only mildly inconvenient. Getting on a motorcycle (at the age of 22, in the Philippines) was the greatest quality of life improvement I ever made.

      I guess I’m neither “Untitled”, by Connor Hair, nor “Keira Knightley/ Ducati” by Chanel.

      To be honest, I wouldn’t have it any other way. If I show up looking like “Untitled”, bitch slap me. Those guys aren’t real riders: can’t go any distance without gear. Also, if I show up looking like “Keira Knightley/ Ducati”, bitch slap me. She’s pretty on cobblestone, but I’d like to see her get through the Siskiyous in February.

      “Untitled” is a decent film school project. I’m not about to blog about it, but it’s OK over a cocktail in the evening. I’d like to see what the director could do with, say, “Machete” or “Resevoir Dogs” or even a “Boy And His Dog” or “Downstream” sort of project.

      Portland, OR
      2008 KLR 650 w. milkcrate

      • mikedard

        “Stereotypes exist for a reason”. They continue for many reasons. One of them my Father talked with me about 48 years ago when I was 8, was hollywood marketing perpetuates stereotypes trying to manipulate us for profit. This isn’t all bad. But others will try to name tag you. but come on let’s use some reason with this stuff. So “The prissy Aerostich-wearing BMW guy” stereotype doesn’t fit me you “uncomfortable, lonely/ individualistic”. Just kidding

  • Scott Pargett

    I’ve actually met Todd (the dude with a beanie). Super cool guy. He works at a shop called Twinline in Seattle. I rolled in looking for a brake light switch when mine died on a CB77 I rode from CA.

    He spends his time building bikes just like the ones in the film, some really dope builds they have there. I’m not sure how many pimps he’s stabbing in his spare time, but that’s pretty much he is day in and day out, only super relaxed and nice, pleasant to chat bikes with.

    From what I understand, this was just kinda made on whim for fun.

    I don’t know the guy who shot “Lords”, but Todd shot this, which was really cool.

  • Todd

    Ha! There a a lot of good points here. It was all in good fun, my friends:) Not trying to stereotype… The genre was just too much fun not to try. We will hold off on making LORDS II:)

    • Deryl

      I think you should make it and get Joe Namath to reprise his C.C. Ryder from “C.C. and Company”. Of course a naked “young” Ann Margret would not hurt any.

    • mikedard

      Wow meant to tell you I hoped it was fun to make. Good to hear that it was. Just watched the “Seven Samurai” last night and as you know that evolved into the “The Magnificent Seven”. So hope to see more of you and company. Regards

  • motoguru

    chopperz 4 lyfe.

  • David

    I think y’all sort of taking this too seriously. Art for art’s sake and all.

    • Kirill

      Anyone that’s seen History of the World Part I knows that shortly after the birth of art came the birth of the art critic.

  • R.Sallee

    This is very Final Fantasy. I don’t think I’ll be confused with this lot, what with the full-face Shoei and drab-gray Aerostich covering every inch of skin I own.

    The film’s not terrible, I’d be quite pleased with myself had I made it. As contrived as the biker image is, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t tickle the (large) part of me that wants to ride motorcycles.

  • eric single/parallel/v-twin. motorcycle.

  • Todd

    I wanted to find some american iron for the picture but we had no money… We did some work to a kz 750, sr 500, and a xs 650 from the shop.
    The whole project came from an idea we had at home depot when we were shopping for low budget lighting gear (for a different film)… We realized we had everything we needed to shot a little “western/road/moto” short. A month later we out in Conway Wa. Completely illegal renegade film making. We light the highway on fire just as the trooper pulled away from shutting is down. We chased of a flock of 3000 snow geese that landed in the middle of a shot. It was a blast! These things look and sound a lot better when you have $ to through at them:)

    • rustycb450

      @Todd: Yeah, it looked like it was probably a lot of fun to make. I’m kinda amazed at all the hating. Sure, maybe the plot was a little lacking, maybe some of the shots weren’t perfect… but honestly just getting out there and doing it and then seeing it all the way through the production process says a lot. So, nice work to you and the rest of the production crew! Let us know when Lord II hits vimeo.

  • Brendan

    I’d prolly dress like Lee Marvin from the Wild One everyday if I could grow the stubble.

    …just sayin’.

  • Todd

    I’m just happy this post got twice as many comments as Keira Knightly’s commercial. It’s the small victories that keep me going:)
    Thank you for watching it guys.

  • Dain

    my computer just told me an error has occured, I would say its should a been shot using fixy’s and some sling bags…but hey I’m Australian what the fuck do I know about films..

  • Core

    It was high quality corniness…
    Mainly just like the guys pulling the gun on the gas station owner, the fight scene… I guess this was going for an old movie vibe/time period? but it somewhat betrayed itself.

  • nick

    Todd –

    Getting shit done is tough love.

    Don’t forget how capable you are…

    Some props are due to the process/learning experience and future motivation to be more on point.

    You held that ish together and we knew it was a first endeavor.

    There should be another.

    Lords the second coming should a more post apocalyptic visual vehicle with the right mix of Drone Noise and Meme generation…


    Less narrative.

    Make sense?

    Weather it’s a generator shovel or a super vintage single… you’ll have to throw some shit from the kitchen into the mix as well.

    That’s DIY

    Speaking to the process

    Riding my SR behind that camera was so much fun.

    Self preservation is important.

    Keep up the good shit.

    Let’s collab again.

    This shit was fun.

    Was Pretty Bro Huh? Ha!

  • Todd

    Thanks Nick:) I like where your heads at. We should write something up this summer. Needs more riding sequences. I was thinking about finding a sidecar to modify with some speed-rails and a confident pilot. Maybe make it a prequel? All I can say for sure is that I would do it again in a heartbeat:)

  • Stephen Salton

    I’d rather shit in my own hand and smear it all over my own face than watch this again.