The anatomy of a motorcycle crash

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Russia’s RGS insurance wants you to pay attention to road accidents. But, how do you get people to put down the kvass and think about low monthly payments?? Wait, I know, boobies! Turns out a nice set of mammaries are capable of faithfully recreating the physics of a motorcycle crash.


via Ottonero

  • holdingfast

    thats … so .. weird? its not even fun to watch! congrats, you failed to make tits sexy. how much of a FAIL is that?

    • Dylan

      The only fail here is your comment. Boobs are boobs, and boobs with cars on them are Bi-Winning.

      • John

        I agree with Dylan.

        • stephan

          yup, dylan

  • slowtire

    I’ll take two please. Or multiples there of.

  • Core

    I wish we had commercials like that in the U.S.

  • Justin

    i spent the whole time trying to spot the nipples. took the fun out of it.