The Keira Knightley, Ducati, Chanel commercial

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Keira Knightley, a Ducati 750 Sport, a matching cat suit. Those three things form an idealistic expression of European motorcycling that’s nearly perfect.

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  • Kevin


  • Eric

    A few days in Cali……. this is what happens- see!

    • Eric

      and now there are going to be a bunch of tan motorcycles running around out there too.

  • Michael

    Not bad looking, but…

    “Put some D’s on it.”

    • Wes Siler

      Hey, some of us like ‘em this way.

      • ursus

        +1. And I always clap when my girl shows up like that.

      • Kevin

        Natural all the way.

    • jpenney

      Proportion, man … proportion.

    • tears

      Uh, I thought we were all ass men?

      • stempere

        I don’t know about anybody else but i, for one, am. When she gets on the bike… DAMN.

  • dan

    She sure looks pretty riding down the Rue Du Rivoli (one of my favorite streets in Paris). Come to think of it, Keira looks pretty good too. At 55 years old, I’ll take the Duc, I can last longer with it.

    • stempere

      I’m flabbergasted they got to clear the rue de Rivoli and place de la Concorde for this commercial. I ride them almost everyday and they’re usually around a billion cars and scooter around, at any time of the day…

      They should have done a bit on the Voies sur Berge along the Seine..

      • pinkyracer

        It’s Chanel! I think if anyone could be allowed to clear Rue de Rivoli, it should be Chanel. Best video EVER.

  • Miticale

    I could’ve done without the jumping stairs scene, could’ve cut in an aggressive back road / roundabout shot.

    • john

      shame they didn’t use the 750 sport for the jump!

  • Scott-jay

    Even streets & buildings seem color-matched for a moment or two.
    Appreciate, too, ‘new-to-me’ music gained via some HFL videos.

  • Coreyvwc

    How is it even possible to look that good riding a motorcycle? I would surely ride into a ditch If I saw that pull up next to me on the freeway!

  • stempere

    Cool detail: the license plate is grey on black, like a proper old school bike (or car) should have in France. And has the proper “75″ at the end…

  • Kahlil

    Nice….but a little meat on her would be nice, it’d still be natural!

    +1 For being an A$$ Man! ;)

  • Dan

    There was a Duc?? huh….. didn’t notice, guess I’ll have to check her out again.

  • Kerry

    Hard to tell . . . couldn’t hear how much it sounded like a Ducati.

  • DoctorNine

    I read this as “The Keira Knightley Ducati Channel Commercial” at first, and am now disappointed that I don’t have a new number to memorize and punch into the cable box. Dang it.

  • Kentaro

    Man, that was the best commercial I’ve ever seen.

  • mugget

    I like that her head is level in that shot where the bike is turning.

  • Natasha

    Super hot.