Video: Blitz’s Great Escape

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Sometimes, the most powerful visual effects are also the simplest. Exhibit One: painting a BMW R60/2 matte black and adding some knobby tires creates an amazing looking motorcycle. Exhibit Two: riding that motorcycle around in white-out snow creates some stunning contrasts.

This video was shot by Hush, the same people that made Riding September. As an expression of austere Gallic creativity and beauty, it’s perfect. Vive la France.


  • Luke

    Uh. Reminds me of the Mr Plow TV commercial:

  • michael

    Love the last scene of him slipping a bit left, a bit right and all you have to concentrate on is the riding. Well done.

  • brian

    I don’t get what he was escaping from at that pace. Perhaps some escargot? Nice visuals, though.

  • Jason


  • Ricardo

    almost perfect except the summer shoes & the chewing gum….

  • Brad

    escaping from hot french chicks wanting to ply him with champagne and sexy lingerie.

  • james

    Not exactly Brandoesque? Can they hate us for this one ? I think not.. Beautiful.

  • Scott-jay

    Tractor seats & the fine lines of a /2 in its simple black dress. Wunderbar!

  • Coreyvwc

    Amazing, keep it coming Wes.

  • Natasha

    I’m so glad they made a video for this bike! One of my favorite custom bikes, so beautiful in its simplicity.