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On Friday, we unveiled the Motus MST-01. Yesterday, Michael Uhlarik talked about its design. Now, here’s an in-depth look at the people behind America’s next motorcycle.

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  • Lowell

    I applaud what the Motus guys are trying to do. The machine is mechanically unique. The package has a great American feel.

    But…the stying of the bike manages to be bland and offensive at the same time. I think Motus has an opportunity to be successful, but they need to take the aesthetics back to the drawing board ASAP.

    Guys. If you read this comment. Please take it to heart. Find some outside help and get the bike styled right. Don’t fall prey to the Erik Buell trap of interesting engineering solutions in a goofy looking package.

    • JRl

      or the original Mission R…

  • JRl

    hmmm…that was the most boring teaser I’ve ever seen! 3 minute pep talk and 1 and a half minutes of a pulsating icon…

  • gkanai

    If MOTUS is serious about motorcycling, they should NOT have test riders wearing jeans in promotional videos.

    • dux

      I recommend leaving out the generous helping of generic YouTube Ass-Rock as well. Nice bike though!

    • mugget

      I don’t see why not. People ride in jeans – suddenly a companies videos shouldn’t reflect how people ride?

  • stempere

    I stopped at the 8-mile-esque intro / MLK combo.

  • DoctorNine

    I love the motorcycle’s style and don’t think that they need to change a thing there. But they need to take a serious marketing look at who has enough money to buy a niche sport tourer, and shoot at that target with their advertising. I am getting a little tired of everyone wrapping themselves in the flag, and playing angst rock. That doesn’t inspire me to want to purchase their products.

    • Duncan

      Yup. All very well and good to get behind domestic product, but how about they let the merits of the bike do the selling..

  • Glenngineer

    I really hate listening to people toot their own horn. Advertisements, even shit I want very goddamn badly, are just obnoxious.

  • Dan

    I feel that Motus is trying to build a image first, that’s for H-D and that’s about run it’s course, to me that image stuff is BS. Build a product first, the image will come with a quality product that sets new standards for Sport Touring ( that’s the target you chose to aim for.)It’s got to be good enough to COMPETE with the likes of BMW,Honda ect. I don’t think, at this point just being American is enough, it has to work and work well.btw, though I have been a moto-nut just over 50 yrs, I’m not ready for a geezer-glide yet,sport touring is where it’s at for me, so come on Motus DO it Right!!

    • slowtire

      +1. It’s got to be next to impossible to come out with a competitive bike from scratch in todays market. These guys seem to have the determination. I wish them luck.

  • Tony

    So far, Motus hasn’t done much to set my pants on fire, but I’m rooting for them for the ABH (anything but Harley) factor as much as anything.

    If I had a dealership, I’d love to be able to offer EBR, Fischer and Motus all side by side and say: See? We can make bikes that aren’t complete crap here in the US.

    All three brands have work to do over the coming years, but all three also seem to have solid foundations on which to build. As long as the economy keeps plugging along and they have enough money to stick it out until things get rolling, I can imagine a world in which the US actually makes motorcycles I’d like to buy.

  • Keith

    As a Canadian, it’s nice to know that everyone in the US doesn’t grab the flag and jump on the patriotic band wagon.I was trying to figure out how to say what I thought without offending.
    Everything I was thinking has been said in the previous posts.
    Truth has been told and thanks :)

    As a sport tour guy myself, I would love to see a domestic product in that market but the competition is VERY strong from the established brands.
    Bring your A game Motus!

  • Dean

    Not to be a picky video geek, but they should really de-interlace their videos before they upload.

  • Ducky

    The guy who kept tooting the Motus horn of being “scrappy young entrepreneurs” and “most sophisticated” company in the US really got on my nerves. I’m not sure where this cockiness is coming from but I don’t think it’ll help their cause.

  • Case

    If these fuckwits wrapped themselves in the flag any harder they would suffocate. Did you really open with quotes from Ronald Reagan, JFK, and FDR? Did you really use the word ‘patriots’ in reference to building your motorcycle? As though making a good bike is some kind of American birthright? Please please please stop it already. This smacks of HD “if it’s not a Hardley it’s not worth riding” propaganda bullshit.

    The bike is boring to look at. What are the mechanical advantages of your pushrod v4 engine? Is it torquey? Smooth? Efficient? Fast? Why would anyone buy this bike? Because it’s made in the USA? So was your video, and it sucks. I’d rather ride a royal enfield and it doesn’t even go freeway speeds.

    Also, if you’re testing a bike on the highway you might want to splash out on some real motorcycle gear, like gloves and pants. Not work gloves and jeans. It lends an air of credibility, which is helpful when you’re building a brand.

    The music is a matter of taste. I thought it was awful, but that’s me. Rebirth of Power? Perhaps not.

    • Case

      I re-read this and felt kind of bad for lashing out semi-anonymously in such a mean way at people I’ve never met. Then I watched the video again. Aaaand I felt the same way. I loathe marketing disguised as patriotism. I think it is vile and offensive. So, apologies if I got a bit carried away.

  • slowestGSXRever

    I get the feeling I’m in the minority but I don’t really think/care that this bike is “ugly”.

    That said, they did seem a bit like assholes. …I’d still ride their asshole bike.

    • Thomas

      LOL. I’m looking forward to the footage from when they hit the road. Maybe that will help define their image a bit?

      It’s got to be difficult to come up plastics that are new and fresh but still evocative of the pure joy of riding.

      I think to expect them to smash it out of the park on their first outing, stylewize at least, is being pretty demanding/optimistic.

      On the other hand, everything is probably at stake for these guys, but, you can’t please everyone I guess.

      If the bike is mechanically sound and is a thrill to ride, I think they’re positioned ok to make future revisions to the appearance to appease and appeal to a broader range of serious motorcyclist.

  • Sean Smith

    I just got around to watching this. Why is there 1:20 of cheesy no-name mid-western nu-metal at the end of the video? I can ignore the fact that it’s kind of a poorly done advertisement, but that music at the end with the lame beating heart Motus Logo is kind of ridiculous. It’s as if they had a few too many drinks with their old bro Brett Hestla (formerly of Creed), agreed that his new solo project was bad-ass, and used their commercial as a commercial, for him. They should’ve asked Xzibit how things turn out when you try to put a thing in another thing.

  • Greg

    I wasn’t sure I liked the bike when HFL first started covering it’s development, I mean, a pushrod engine? really?
    Then, the video clips featuring the engine made me think twice and admittedly, there is nothing quite like V8 thrust and sound. I moved more and more into the “hey, maybe I should look at this thing to replace the K1200RS…” It seemed as though it had a bit of the angry that makes my Tuono so much fun to thrash.
    I saw the final version of the sport tourer’s plastics and shrugged “not awesome but not hateful either.”

    So, up until I watched the latest round of promotional videos, I was becoming a fan. I still am very interested in the bike but I have to say, the shameless over use of nationalism is a total turn off for me. Sell me a great bike and I will make the subtle connection to how cool it is to ride an American hotrod sport tourer. Don’t dumb it down and spoon feed that shit to me.