Video: riding sideways with Deus

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Following on from Carby Tuckwell’s article the other day, It happened at Harold Park, here’s video of a bunch of hoons riding sideways on a horse track. Harold Park is an old, half-mile gravel horse racing track near Deus Ex Machina’s Sydney HQ. That’s a good enough excuse to turn up with a bunch of vintage dirt bikes, right?

  • Michael

    Except for not being 5 or 10 times longer than 2 minutes, and except for me not being there, I love this video.

  • Steve

    I watched Colin Edwards ride around an 1/8″ mile clay oval and run a some all dirt superpole laps this past weekend. I think I’m jaded now. In case you were wondering, the dude is FAST on dirt. He is also a top quality guy. Find a way to go to his bootcamp if you can.

  • Taco

    not crazy about the song choice.

  • Scott-jay

    Dust; no worse: limestone dust.

  • Luke

    Hard to not get caught up in th Deus thing. Every time I’m back in Sydney I walk out with armfuls of Deus swag. Only a matter of time until I ride out of there on a bike …

    I’m told they have MotoGP and other racing live in cafe when the timezones align.

    Also, they have this darn weird custom superbike in there at the moment (I think it had formula xtreme stickers on it, so I assume it was actually competed on). Looked like a gixxer but with totally weird bodywork, the radiator above the front wheel rather than behind it, etc. Would love to know if someone knows WTF it is.

  • Luke

    Their tumblr has some gems too.