Video: riding the Motus MST-01 at Daytona

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Lee and Brian from Motus are at Daytona Bike Week demoing the brand-new Motus MST-01. This video shows America’s new sport tourer riding on the city’s roads. Hot damn that Katech V4 sounds good.

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  • BeastIncarnate

    It sounds fantastic. If I close my eyes, the aesthetics don’t matter a bit.

  • ike6116

    Damn that thing is loud

  • Endless Mike

    They need to fix the issue with the plastics falling off. Ideally this would be not having them in the first place.

  • Case

    The naked version is growing on me. If he had clutched that thing up into a wheelie I would have been pretty pumped. Still not feeling the work gloves and jeans. Or Rebirth of Power (inside).

    • Grant Ray

      No need to get all torn up inside because he’s not armored up like a gladiator. If he wanted to really be safe, he’d just get in a car with proper crumple zones, which is what most folks are doing these days.

      • BeastIncarnate
        • Beale

          Hey, that’ looks like me! All you missed was the orange flag on the whip antenna!

      • Emmet

        “a ship in harbor is safe, but that’s not why ships are built” -John A. Shedd

    • Case


      hmm… Perhaps not. It’s a peeve of mine, but I hear you. :) Can we get a video of them hooning that naked around like they did the big triumph? Engine noise and burning rubber?

  • moby grape

    Get nekkid and showcase that motor…Never understood the sport touring concept.

    • Taco

      I’ve always said I like my women and my bikes the same way: naked and Italian. However I wouldn’t be opposed to riding on top of a naked American.

      • Myles

        I just like my women loud and fast, don’t really give a shit about what they look like or their history.

  • NickP

    I’m going to be honest. I started this video and minimized the window so I could only hear it.

    • JonB

      About all that video was good for.

  • Glenngineer

    They really need to stop it with the shitty rock.

    • Andy Keech

      agreed. get some production values, really, you made your own engine.

    • slowestGSXRever

      Double agreed.

      • holdingfast


  • Mark D

    I wonder how many pirates busted his balls for riding a “Jap piece of shit” at Daytona…

    My god that thing sounds like heavenly trumpets!

    • ike6116

      Did I see you pass me this morning on memorial drive?

      • Mark D

        Sadly, no. The Ninja is in about 35 separate pieces, getting a thorough cleaning/upgrading before spring.

        Unless you saw a blue Subie wagon weaving in and out of traffic like an ass :)

  • DoctorNine

    Watching the video, it looks like there is fairly significant internal rotating mass, if the time it takes to pull back to idle after off throttle, and the amount of surge he gets, are any indication.

    Love the noise it makes.

    Still can’t wait to ride one.

  • Michael

    the sound it awesome, not down with sport tourer thing, but that naked is not all that bad

  • Jason

    Disappointed in the music and wind noise. Do we have more pics of the bike in the naked setup? I agree that I like the looks of the naked one better but I like the idea of a sport touring bike.

    My real hope is they decide to sell the engines or basic frames and engines to people to do all sorts of things with

  • Ben

    Is that headlight off a KTM 950 Adventure?

    • Wes Siler

      Kinda looks like it.

    • BeastIncarnate

      Seems like it’s the headlight from the faired version, sans cover. Definitely looks similar to the KTM pieces.

  • Filippo

    Nekkid +1

    • JRl

      Much better naked! I wonder if they’ll have an option to just buy the motor and trans…I’ll put it in my own frame!

  • Scott-jay

    What’s all machinery clatter heard in video? Valve-train, drive gears, photo vehicle …?
    Old Camaro didn’t sound like that!

    Exhaust note’s music don’t fit faired-bike’s look (unmarked police vehicle?).

    • Beale

      Direct injection solenoids maybe? I know they can be noisy.

  • george

    hmmm lot’s of mechanical clatter… but then it’s still a push-rod motor, really hi-tech; anybody else still makin’ push-rod motors ?

    • Kirill


    • Chris Davis

      What makes OHC so high-tech? They’ve been around for 90 years. Push-rod engines are compact for their displacement and have less rotational mass.

      • BMW11GS

        Isnt there more rotational mass because the push-rods are a a lot heavier than a OHC acting directly on a tappet would be?

  • BuellDoc

    I looked at the header pipes and hope they can be tucked in for more lean angle. The sound is All American!

  • Andreas

    Sounds pretty kewl, but why no shaftdrive?

    • Wes Siler

      Shafts suck power and add weight. Honestly, have you ever really been inconvenienced by the need to lube and adjust a chain occasionally?

      • Andreas

        I’ve got chaindrive on most of my bikes, no problem. But the crankshaft on these bikes are rotating the other way.

        Changing direction on the poweraxle also suck power. I just think it would be natural with a shaft drive, when the crankshaft rotating this way. Especially on a touring bike.

    • NickP

      Belts ftw…so smooooooth! :)

  • Kirill

    Bike sounds great but definitely too loud for the sport tourer. Perfect for the naked version, though.

  • Coreyvwc

    Dear lord that sounds good! Almost Desmosedici good, almost…

  • Ducky

    How awesome does it look naked? Is it just me or does he not know how to clutchless upshift…

  • Dan

    Too bad they didn’t let YOU ride it Wes. It would have been interesting to get some feedback from you.
    That’s not to say I don’t appreciate the article and vid, because I do.

    • Wes Siler

      We’ll get on it at some point. Hopefully soon.

  • BuellDoc

    Opened up my AOL home page tonight and there is a full article on the new machines from Motus! National exposure! Hope someone is taking video at the show in Daytona.

  • stempere

    Fun fact:
    MST in french is the acronym for “Maladie Sexuellement Transmissible” wich translates to… STD.

    Word around here is “for it to be transmitable it would have to generate desire first”…

  • Johndo

    Best sound I’ve heard in a while.

  • Bronson

    I really dig these bikes that Motus is building and wish them the best of luck, but dang, this video is lame from so many angles. Looks like something I’d throw together in an afternoon with my iPhone 4 and GoPro HD… except I’d tell a better story and certainly pick a lot better places (even around Daytona) to shoot.

    In comparrison, the Aprilia RSV4 videos that you guys (HFL) and Tangent Vector put together were done so much better.

  • Allan

    Motus relayed that they would be showing the MST-01 at the MotoGP events at both Laguna Seca and Indianapolis. My hope is that in the next four to six months we will see a very different looking motorbike. I was at their intro in Birmingham; I also have a deposit on the “R” version so I want them to succed. I think these are early days though they told me that they hope to be selling bikes in six months. I sincerely hope not. The bike looks better in photos then in the flesh. I know they have booked a number of days at Barber for on track testing. I think this is paramount. If the Motus is to compete with, say a BMW 1300S, then they have a ways to go. I’m rooting for them.

  • Greg

    I’m more than a little curious where my earlier comments went.

    • Wes Siler

      Which comments? I don’t think we’ve removed any from any article in months.

  • NickK

    MST-01 naked > MST-01 faired.

    That is all.