Watch Chip Yates hit 227mph

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We exclusively told you that Chip Yates is preparing his 240bhp electric superbike for an attempt on the Pikes Peak Hill Climb. But, before then, he’s planning another event intended to demonstrate the motorcycle’s top speed. We can’t tell you where or when that is yet, but we can show you this video of him testing his new gearing on the dyno. The result? Without aerodynamic drag, he’s reaching 227mph.

Of course, aerodynamic drag is going to be a major issue for the GSX-R750-based pizza delivery bike. Chip’s already running a partial Hayabusa fairing and intends to adopt a land speed record racing ‘Busa fairing for this attempt.

“This is not the top speed of the bike in real world conditions with aerodynamic drag, but we do believe the true top speed to be extremely high and that is why we are running this gearing,” stated Chip. “We had two goals – to put down maximum power to the dyno to see if everything is strong enough, and secondly to put down maximum speed to see if anything breaks at such high speeds.”

Chip Yates

  • HammSammich

    “and secondly to put down maximum speed to see if anything breaks at such high speeds.”

    That seems pretty smart. A breakdown at 40mph can be bad…I don’t wanna think about the consequences at 200+!

  • Case

    That is sweet. That he’s attacking road racing, pikes peak, and a land speed record all on the same chassis is totally awesome and a little bit crazy. Chip Yates & team: Fuck yeah.

    • Tom


  • Patrick

    No video??

    • Wes Siler

      You on some funky browser or something? Big ol’ video right there.

    • Mr.Paynter

      If you’re at work and Youtube is blocked then no video, I have the same!

      Up with VIMEO!

      • Wes Siler

        Work really blocks YouTube? Will Google be next? Time to quit.

  • Glenngineer

    I’m curious about what other bikes top out at without wind resistance. Drag is a huge fucking deal at 100, let alone 200.

    • Wes Siler

      Oh drag is enormous, this is more about testing the resilience of the parts that need to spin to make the rear tire go 200+.

      Most other bikes won’t go over 200 on the dyno because they’re not gear to, but if you made the gearing tall enough, I’m sure just about any bike could.

  • Paul

    Get that guy some knee sliders or some duct tape, he is wearing through his pants Kenny Roberts style.