What really happened on the final lap of the Daytona 200

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Three new video angles have revealed the extent and cause of the 170mph crash Dane Westby suffered on the final lap of last weekend’s Daytona 200. As they followed Jason DiSalvo to the finish line, a minor side-to-side colission between Westby and Josh Herrin saw Westby inexplicably go down in a cloud of tire smoke. The reason? Believe it or not, it appears as if Herrin’s elbow unintentionally locked Westby’s front brake. On Daytona’s steep banking, the result was predictable.

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This video, shot by a fan, reveals just what a big accident it was. Glad I wasn’t sitting behind that fencing.

Then this Speed Channel video shows two new angles, including one where you can clearly see Westby’s brake activated by Herrin’s elbow. Yikes.

via Speed and RoadRacingWorld

  • Vincent

    What really happened? They explained this during the race.

  • http://www.youtube.com/user/Adeysworld adeysworld

    The fans perspective video was cool. All the slo-mo replays made me feel like I was watching a Rnickeymouse video from the Snake section of Mulholland;P

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Except with fewer guys riding 848s in t-shirts?

  • Alex

    Insane how Knapp pulled a Silver Surfer for so long. I was standing on the pit wall and it was pretty horrific sounding when Dane’s bike hit the wall too!

    Glad all the boys are okay.

  • tomwito


  • Barry

    Josh Herrin, bangin’ bars and blaming other people for his own inability to maintain a line/beat somebody into the rider next to them. Way to be man. But that’s racin’. He’s still an idiot(nicer word chosen than thought for sure).

  • Devin

    No. 44 Really tried to fight his bike upright, there was no bailing until he was already surfing his bike.

    I’ve been on the receiving via bycicle and it’s a handful to save. That guy must have been mighty p.o.’d after that.

  • Richard

    Whether the contact with the brake lever may have been “unintentional”, the action that caused the reaction of a guy sliding on his ass at 175mph was a direct cause of the way Herrin races. Dirty.

    Herrin came down on Wesby a number of times before elbow touched brake lever. And for Herrin to act like it was Westby’s fault is even more deplorable. If Herrin had any friends left in the padock after last year, I have a feeling that they are all gone now.

  • Joey

    First I want to say I am mot the best Herrin fan, not to say I am not a fan of all these riders. I feel they are all deserving of our support and to nitpick them like this when they are doing over a hundred sixty is a bit foolish. If anyone knows racing they know that there is alot of dirty air at and arround these guys that makes the bikes do things that may look intensional, but is not. Havent any of you ridden next to or passed some big rigs on the highway that made you bike sway? I used to have a DL1000 that had aftermarket hard side bags and let me tell you this, when I passed a trucker my bike would sway something fierce. I guess what I am trying to say is I do not think Herrin was swaying on purpose, it is just what it is at those speeds with bikes all around you. I wish people would stop being so critical and just support our racers and enjoy the show. I was there and it was good clean racing. Now, go ahead and jump on my back.

    • Richard

      Let me be the first to jump on your back and call bullshit. Watch Westby’s line. He’s not deviating his line AT ALL. Is there ‘dirty’ air? Yes, but not nearly enough to cause the movement that Herrin demonstrates. Herrin’s got a track record that warrants us being critical of him. He just proved at Daytona what everyone already knows…

      • Eric

        What is the “track record” you speak of? If you mean last year and his altercations with Eslick it appeared to most impartial observers that Eslick was the aggressor and was riding dangerously. In this case it most certainly seems that Herrin was at fault and should be punished. But when people come on here and talk about Herrin having a history of riding dirty it just identifies them as Eslick fans.

        • Richard

          Dude, I like Eslick less than I like Herrin so I think your logic is flawed.

    • Chris

      When you make a mistake due to dangerous riding that takes two other riders off their bikes at 170+, a crash which easily could have seriously injured or killed one of them, shouldn’t you be held accountable?

  • Richard

    The below is from AMA’s website:

    “AMA Pro Racing has carefully reviewed footage of the closing stages of the Daytona 200, together with other pertinent information, and has regrettably found one rider’s on-track actions to have been unacceptably dangerous to other riders. Notification and explanation of penalty will be mailed to the rider in question; once received, the details of that ruling will be shared publicly by AMA Pro.”


    • noone1569

      Good. I agree that it appears he was very “dirty” in that riding. If he had came down out of his line once, maybe twice, that would almost be acceptable, but he did it multiple times which caused two other riders to go down and sufficient speed to cause injury or death.

  • Michael

    holy f*ck

  • Todd

    I didn’t watch the entire race so I can’t say that Josh Herrin was riding dirty the entire race. I watched the lines of other riders in that video. Jake Zemke was behind them. He dove to the bottom and passed them all. The person to watch is J.D. Beach on the green Kawasaki bike. He was on the outside of Josh Herrin. He kept his line. Even if Josh Herrin hadn’t banged into Dane Westby, Beach would have passed him. If Josh Herrin would have kept his line, he would have been fine for the next banking. However it looks like he freaked out. The bike was getting blown around from being in Westby’s air. Taylor Knapp was caught at the wrong place at the wrong time. He was coming up fast on Herrin and Westby. If Herrin had kept his line, Knapp would have had plenty of room to get by Scott Decker 291. However when Herrin tried to come down on Westby, Knapp had no where to go. It could have been worse. It could have been Herrin, Westby, Knapp, and Decker (the backmarker) sliding across the track along with their bikes. I don’t often agree with DMG decisions much less some others in this race. But I agree with them penalizing Herrin.

    FYI Josh. Don’t try the latest drafting tactics from this year’s Daytona 500 in next year’s Daytona 200.

  • zato1414

    The only problem I see… poor ole Josh forgot to signal a left turn, while Westby failed to yield to oncoming traffic and #44 was following too close… he should have got a ticket!

  • http://plugbike.com/ skadamo

    This type of crash (front brake activation) happened at Road America in early 2000. Saw it happen.

    sounds like it is not uncommon…

  • Todd

    Update – One event suspension, $7500 team fine, probation for the year