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If you watched SBK this weekend, then you saw the rear wheel fly off Maxime Berger’s Ducati 1198 R. Here’s the first photos of that magnesium Oz Racing wheel post-crash. As you can see, the spokes sheared off just above the hub.

YouTube Preview Image

“During the sixth lap the bike began to show signs of agitation completely uncontrollable,” said Maxime after the race. “And then, out of the corner, the 6-spoke rim divided in less than a second. I am fortunate that this incident occured in a turn very slow turn (40mph).

Sounds like Maxime needs a set of Rotoboxes.

Thanks Adey.

  • http://overshadowed.com/ overunder

    Scary how it failed

  • Johndo

    I guess that’s when you know you shed too much weight off the wheel :P

  • aristurtle

    Now you can remove all the spokes to cut down on unsprung weight.

  • NickK

    The guys over at Jalopnik described this crash as “hilarious.” I beg to differ. This is exactly the kind of scenario that just sits there in the back of my mind, usually rearing it’s nightmarish face when I’m traveling at speed on a freeway at night – like on the 5 between LA and San Francisco. Wheels coming off are not “hilarious.”

    I would have posted a similar comment over at Jalopnik, but that site’s become a major chafe, and now I don’t bother with them.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Best bet with Jalopnik and the other Gawker sites is to use Facebook Connect to login. They’re actually ditching standalone gawker commenter accounts post securitypocalpyse.

      • http://www.cheapcycleparts.com vigor

        Good to know.

      • Chris

        Well thats a shame as I refuse to create a facebook account

        • matt

          amen brotha.

          • NickK

            amen amen. I do have an account, but I hate it. Sick of people broadcasting how awesome (fake) their lives are. So now I only log on to look for people. You know, like it was originally intended?

            I predict the demise of face book. Like I predicted a collapse in the price of gold 4 years ago.

        • austin_2ride

          I second that motion. Obviously there is no reason to discuss. Let us immediately take a vote.

  • T Diver

    What are they made out of? (CF?)

    • Dylan

      It says in the article. They are magnesium wheels

  • CG

    I must admit when I first saw it Sunday, I thought some mechanic was in major trouble for not tightening the hub bolts after a wheel change. So, how much is Oz’s rep’s buttocks tightening at this point? The guy behind him might see that crash in his dreams for a couple of weeks….

  • stephen

    A little jb weld will fix that right up!

    • Eric

      And there aren’t many scratches on the wheel, might not even have to buff it right out.

    • soban881

      Heh, I just tried my first jb weld repair on an old oil fitting. Just became my favorite thing, next to zip ties! I’ll bet tree-fiddy the stuff would fix that wheel right up.

  • Trent

    saw blade anyone?

  • Bronson

    Oh snap!!

  • http://www.damiengaudet.blogspot.com damien

    I thought it was funny that a bigger deal wasn’t made about this during the race. I don’t think they even mentioned it after the next lap.

    • kat

      they talked about it during race 2 quite a bit, i guess they just had a delayed reaction. or wanted to find out wtf actually happened first…

  • Core

    The rear wheel decided to strike out on its own.

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

    In the broadcast I watched, James Whitham actually made a couple of very good points.

    #1 – Magnesium wheels do actually have a set service life. When some teams that are low on funds keep using parts, sometimes this happens… (not that he was saying that’s the cause of this particular incident.)

    #2 – It is in fact alot more likely to happen in a slower corner because that is where there is maximum torque going through the wheel. I guess that is some comfort to think a failure like this is more likely to happen in a slower corner.

    It was kinda funny to watch in a comical sort of way, just that you never see that.

    Now where are all the BST haters, bitches?!!

    • http://www.desmoworks.com desmoworks

      That wasn’t a BST wheel – if it was they would have been here by now. It was OZ.

      I read that the wheel had been used only 5 or 6 times in practice and races. Would be nice to hear the follow up as to the cause, but I’d guess we won’t.

      • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

        I know it wasn’t a BST – I’m just saying there’s alot of people that say “I won’t use a CF wheel because it is weak and they break”, well wouldn’t they be surprised to see what happens to a magnesium wheel!

        • Ben

          Im putting solid steel wheels on my Duc now!

          • tomwito

            NASCAR style?

  • matt

    I’m trying to imagine what was going through Maxime’s head:
    As the back end starts to wiggle: “oh christ, I’m gonna brain that mechanic for not tightening up my wheel back on.”
    As he sees the wheel rolling away, without a hub: “huh. that’s new, thank god it wasn’t turn one”

  • tomwito

    I had a friend who was adamant that it was a carbon wheel. I didn’t think it was because the fibers would not have allowed it to completely separate like that. Thats another reason to use CF. Like on a race car drive shaft. If it fails it will not come through the floorbord and cut your legs off.

  • Keith

    Had this happen on a car I was racing! No fancy carbom fibre just a bad cast wheel.
    As it was an autocross track event, no one was close so no accident.
    Bit of a “moment” though.
    I can’t imagine having it happen o a bike!!