Why you don’t fuck with a Roman Emperor

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“His sarcastic applause when we returned to the pits was ugly and uncalled for,” raged an embittered Max Biaggi after Marco Melandri gave him the slow clap and made sarcastic remarks about Biaggi’s performance. What happened next is a clear explanation as to why you never, ever fuck with a crazy Italian.

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“Melandri isn’t sporting, and what he did wasn’t very classy. I didn’t see him behind me on track, and for him to say that I did is shocking,” continued Max. Melandri was angry after his and Noriyuki Haga’s superpole lap was ruined by Biaggi’s painfully slow performance. The World Champion was clearly not on form this weekend.

  • jwinter

    Oh please. Max is talented for sure but he has a long history of this kind of stuff. Ask Hayden.

  • Nicolas

    I think what Melandri did was hysterical. If you put out a performance like you did in RC1 and then get black flagged in RC2 because you’re too arrogant to admit you made a jack-ass move by jump starting, a slow clap is the least you deserve. Not how a world champion should act, or perform. Max is a “self-entitled,” arrogant dick who should keep to himself and focus on his pitiful racing.

  • Paul

    I seem to recall Rossi punching Biaggi in the face a few years back. I’m sure Melandri would have done the same if the cameras weren’t around.

    • jwinter

      There is also a story about some people, I think Rossi was involved, turning Max’s car over in the middle of the night at a track. He was kinda widely disliked I think.

  • tomwito

    Wow! That’s it??? I tought he backhanded him like a pimp, that was nothing. Yeah he shouldn’t have touched him but please. Anybody see how the supercross racers are banging on the track lately?

  • http://www.facebook.com/beastincarnate BeastIncarnate

    Few things are as intimidating as the Italian Love Tap.

  • John

    Next, he wakes up with a horse’s head in his bed.

  • Skank NYCF

    What a little bitch. Gets slapped in front of the cameras and does nothing!! He should of cracked Max in the jaw for pulling that shit.

    • Glenngineer

      I think he came off as the bigger man. Look at the grin he gave the camera…it screams ‘look at this asshole.’

      • Skank NYCF

        No, far from the bigger man. He took 2 bitch slaps to the face and did nothing cause hes a pussy.

        • Myles

          ^Hate to agree with this guy, but definitely right on.

        • Greg

          You sir, are an idiot. Is that what you call a “bitch slap?” I’m no Melandri fan but he was smart enough to keep his cool. Biaggi may be the current champ but he has a lot to learn about being professional. He has been in this game a lot longer than most, you’d expect he would have learned something with his days with Rossi.
          A “pussy” acts without thinking, a “man” shows self-control and confidence.

          • Skank NYCF

            Gee, jerkoff, when a man walks up to you with NEWS cameras hanging over his shoulder and raises his hands to your face and give you two little slaps in front of the camera, your crew, and your wife and you do nothing about it thats makes you a bitch equaling a bitch slap. A “pussing” doesnt act, he just sits there like a pussy. A “man” stands up for himself and his self respect. Come correct next time you want call people idiots.
            For the record, I like Max. He got gangsta on that little bitch for disrespecting him and let him know in front of the world to never get out of line when talking about the World Champ.

            • dux

              I would have appreciated a punch, myself.

            • http://www.urbanrider.co.uk UrbanRider

              You some kind of pussy? He should have taken his gun and blown the m*f*ka away blood! (Insert more ironic alpha male garbage)…

            • Richard

              Did you really just say ‘gangsta’? What is this, 1994?

              • Skank NYCF

                Lol. Listen to tomuch Snoop Dog and Dre I guess.

  • Beale

    That had the fury of a doily slap.

  • Trent

    Agree, Melandri came off as the bigger man for sure.

  • Turf

    Biaggi is the biggest douche in the sport, the only person who ever gave him a run for that title was foggy. Slow clap deserved for being an arrogant, entitled ass.

    • Max Headroom

      +1 and I would add that Max would fill the boots of an arrogant prick pretty well.

  • Cajun58

    A pussy doesn’t ride a motorcycle around a track at 200 mph. Max may be a lot of things but a pussy he ain’t.

    • http://www.facebook.com/beastincarnate BeastIncarnate

      However, a pussy riding a motorcycle around a track at 200 mph is funny to imagine, whether you take “pussy” literally or not.

  • http://twitter.com/hagus Luke

    This is what MotoGP is missing out on. Let’s get some of that bad air cleaned up with a good old parc ferme brawl!

    Not sure if anyone ever read Mat Mladin’s twitter feed while he kept it updated, but all indications were that he would have been an excellent & unstable villain in the paddock.

    • Turf

      Mladins been yelling at kids to get off his lawn for years.

      • Todd

        Mladin went after Hodgson one time that was just like this situation. Mladin felt Hodgson was going to slow on the track. It didn’t come to blows or slaps of any kind but Mladin got his point across very clearly.

      • Thomas

        LOL, that is hilarious. “. . . get of his lawn” awesome. Yeah, I’ve heard that about Mladin as well.

        Biaggi is the freakin’ king though, and always leading. I truly think he’d still be in GP if it weren’t for Rossi. There’s just no comparison between the two. Rossi can flat out ride but Biaggi is no slouch just b/c he lost to Rossi all those years. I’m glad he’s winning again, even if he’s not in MotoGP. Remember the elbow into Rossi that time? Classic. Rossi flips him the bird as he passes him!

        Motoliam wrote a little bit on meeting Biaggi in the pits and said there’s really not much truth to him being a prick, he’s just competitive. . . all those guys are. You really have to at that level.

        Do love the doily slap though. You almost expect them to be handed those big pistols and do a proper gentleman’s duel. Don’t forget, these guys are tiny, smaller than most of our girls/wives. . . you could put them in your pocket really. . . like a tiny little insulting, race winning mouse.

  • jwinter

    I for one was gratified that Melandri didn’t engage in some sort of poop-throwing-esque sort of machismo. What he did do was to hand Max’s ass back to him in both races. And Max’s slap wasn’t to harm Melandri, it was to insult him publicly. Max is great when he is on it but even at age 39, he’s still as unstable and flappable as he was 10-15 years ago.

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget

    Ohhhh… so that was the ‘slap’?

    LOL @ BeastIncarnate – Italian Love Tap. Hahahhaa

  • gregorbean

    I fucking love the Italian commentators “Heeayy” and Melandri’s smile is priceless. Props to him for keeping his cool and flogging Max in the races. Biaggi is such a fucking weenie.

  • http://twitter.com/hagus Luke

    A list of things Max Biaggi should know by now, at age 39. I’m sure I missed something.

    * what a jump start feels like
    * what the signs for a ride through penalty look like
    * if you feel the rules of WSBK are below you, you can always try MotoGP again. I hear it’s easy to get a ride on the Suzuki these days?
    * when you fuck up, you take responsibility
    * one mustn’t rise to the bait
    * if one must rise to the bait, don’t do it on national TV
    * no half measures. Going to throw a punch? Either knock them into the next timezone or do not hit them at all.

    • Mr.Paynter


      Surely he’s going to face some sort of fine over this?
      Don’t rise to it but if you do, why not make it worth every penny and put the guy on his ass?

  • Todd

    Damn. The things you don’t get to see on Speed. Based on the quality of the feed, you can barely make out the bikes.

    Ah. Italian riders. To paraphrase Fleetwood Mac, “They make racing fun.” Biaggi and Melandri have a history from MotoGP days.So it’s no surprise that this happen. The only surprise is it didn’t happen sooner. Even the old Italian riders have still got “it”. Tardozzi and Fabrizio going at it in the paddock when they were with Ducati. Classic.

    It’s a long season and it’s starting to heat up. Now if we could just get Frankie Chili to re-enact the shirtless hunt for Foggy.

  • Patrick

    Max is a bitch and every GP dan knows it. Sure he can win a SBK championship on the best bike around, equipped with fighter jet electronics. So he feels like his balls finally dropped?? He thinks he’s a tough guy?? Wants to act tough when there are a million cameras around to record Melandris reaction? Rossi could tell us all about what a punk he really is. Get your car flipped and every world championship taken from you; just plain old pitiful honestly.

  • Patrick

    …..and Wes, please tell us that your “Roman Emperor” title is sarcasm. I love the RSV4 as much as the next guy, but her pilot is rubbish.

    • Dave H

      That’s been Biaggi’s nickname for years.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Ha, yeah, it’s been his nickname as long as I’ve been watching motorcycle racing.

      Worst. Nickname. Ever.

      • Dave H

        So true.

  • Trevor

    I like Max. At least he isn’t a two dimensional cardboard piece like most of Motogp. Stoner? Pedrosa? If you’re old enough to remember, stuff like this went on all the time in F1 and Motogp back in the 50/60/70′s.
    I see nothing wrong with having a strong personality, it comes hand in hand with success.

    • Thomas


  • T Diver

    This is dumb drama. Europeans are strange. The coolest thing I saw was when that French dudes rear wheel broke. Holy crap. My buddy said all wheels have catastrophic failures, but I still want to know what kind he was riding? Were they carbon fiber?

    • Turf

      mag oz’s

  • Dave H

    Silly Max. He starts winning big and suddenly feels a need to start fights.

  • Scott-jay

    Man’s a perfect foil, made from pure antivalidium.

  • Turf

    Was making fun of Biaggi in a text to a friend and autospell corrected Biaggi to Vishnu.

    Aside from Biaggi, autospell is the only thing on the planet that think’s he’s a god.

    • T Diver

      Vishnu is the god of destruction. You just witnessed his treacherous wrath.

  • Skank NYCF

    Max has a new sponsor, Tiger Blood Energy Drink. Nice. I’ll be gettin’ be some of that.

  • Eric

    Where do I get one of those hats? That is a great hat.

  • Rick

    Biaggi also interfered with Haga’s best lap during the final Superpole session. If you can’t beat ‘em, block ‘em!

    And Aprilia has this guy signed through 2012? They’d better have an escape clause in that contract.

  • Christopher

    Max got the “roman emperor” nickname by winning 250cc titles for 4 years in a row.
    He got the nickname “Biatchi” for doing exactly what he did in this video.
    At least he won a world championship, finally.