World’s first 360 front flip

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The first ever successful motorcycle front flip was performed almost exactly two years ago. Now, Australian Mark Monea has added a 360-degree sideways spin to the trick. After practicing into a foam pit for four weeks, he just stuck his first landing on dirt. Incredible.

Monea is a relative unknown in FMX, previously working as X Games gold medalist Cam Sinclair’s mechanic. This trick is entirely new, he’s the first rider to attempt to add a spin to a front flip, let alone land one.

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Here’s Monea’s new trick.

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And Jim DeChamp’s first ever successfully landed front flip from 2009

via ESPN

  • stephan

    getting the bike out of the foam bit ever 10 minutes seems like a giant pain in the ass

  • muckluck

    Better than a broken neck!

  • Kevlar

    Not to say this isn’t cool or impressive, but… I’m failing to see the supposed 360 aspect of this front flip. Look at the rear tire. It doesn’t even deviate from the path it would take in a normal front flip. He’s just tweaking the front end from one side to the other, giving it a slightly eccentric “orbit.”

    “When I’m on the bike, I think it’s just a dead-straight front flip… I just feel like I’m on a BMX doing a front-flip.”

    Hmm, maybe that’s because it IS just a front flip…

    This is closer to a 360 front flip (though not completely, as he starts the forward flip after ~180 degrees of rotation, so it’s a bit of a back-flip?):

    • jason

      I agree. I assumed he was gonna lock up the front wheel or something to get the rear tire to go up over his head. That to me looks like a sideways 360 rotation, still more than anything I would ever try, but a front flip, nah.

  • Brendan

    Is he the dude who keeps almost killing himself at the X Games trying the front flip every year?

    Cuz if he is, he is the man.

    Actually he is kinda the man either way.

  • tomwito

    Mr. Personality.

  • fasterfaster

    By standard terminology this is a corked front flip, not a 360 front flip. Still ridiculously badass.

  • T Diver

    Whatever. Stop being pussies and do it on a street bike.

  • mugget

    Hell yeah! That is how us Aussies do it! Haha :P