25 high-res action photos of the KTM 125 Duke

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While every other bike maker is frightened someone might realize the products they push are fast and dangerous, it looks like KTM is busy embracing the fact that motorcycles are exciting. The 125 Duke is KTM’s attempt to bring Europe’s teenagers into their brand. Creative projects like this one that bring motorcycles together with the skate/action sports aesthetic in an exciting way make a ton of sense. A product like the 125 Duke is a logical next step in mobility beyond a skate board or bicycle, so speaking to photos like these speak to that crowd in a language they understand.

We aren’t going to get the KTM 125 Duke in the US, its 15bhp four-stroke engine is neutered for European license tiers which dictate that rider in their late teens (laws still vary a bit by country) start on smaller capacity, limited-performance bikes. But, KTM has confirmed that it’s developing a larger 250 to 300cc version that might make more sense in this market.

The exciting thing about the 125 Duke from a rider’s perspective is that it brings fancy components and a general real motorcycleness to an affordable €3,500 price point and licensable capacity. The exciting thing from a market perspective is that it does that by leveraging Indian manufacturing with western quality. Hopefully KTM can adapt that approach and this kind of marketing to the kind of products young US buyers will want to buy and hopefully it does that soon.

We’ve written about the KTM 125 Duke extensively, hit its tag page for all our stories on it.

  • Jason

    They are nailing it with the marketing aimed at the skate/bmx crowd. Would love to see more young people getting small displacement bikes.

  • http://www.muthalovin.com the_doctor

    The Duke is so photogenic. I love it, even the non-orange one looks cool.

  • http://www.thisblueheaven.com Mark D

    Turquoise and purple, please.

  • Glenngineer

    I’d love one of these in 250/300 for my wife to ride instead of her beat up ninja, and for me to fuck around on. Best looking KTM ever.

  • JonB

    Holy hell the purple one is killer.

  • http://twitter.com/chaosfart Sean

    Wasn’t the CEO of KTM making a bunch of noise a couple months back about no more press shoots without full safety gear or something?

    Regardless, that bike looks fun as hell to ride around the city.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Indeed, but hypocrisy in a corporate executive is hardly surprising these days, is it?

      • BMW11GS

        Lets judge the cookies not the dough.

  • Frosty_spl

    Holy shit that thing is rad!

  • jeremy

    that black one is 1992 KLR650-a-rific

  • Chris F

    300cc please. No, 690cc please. Best looking KTM to date.

  • Miles Prower

    What’s up with the guy wearing a KTM trucker cap parking his mini-Duke above the coping of the skate bowl? Picture 19.

    BTW, if you look carefully at that photo, it looks like those particular handguards have mirrors inside them. (It looks like there are two styles of handguards available.)

    • http://www.lgdm.fr stempere

      I don’t see a miror in it, just the metal frame and a reflection on the plastic above.
      IMO they just took the mirors out on a few shots to improve the looks.
      Wich is exactly what the young tossers that will be riding those things like maniacs will do.
      I’m way too old for that bike but damn that’d be a cool thing to ride around 16… I expect to see a shitload of those in Paris as soon as it’s available.

  • Taco

    pic 17 and 25 are the same. So it’s only 24 pics. I can’t get passed this glaring mistake. I’m canceling my subscription to HFL. J/K
    250-300cc Duke, when?!? The sooner the better please.

    • Jason

      Honestly tho a WR250X gets you pretty damn close as far as performance just lacks some of the awesome style of that Duke

      • Taco

        Yeah, I was all jazzed and wanting a WR250X until I sat on one at the Chicago Motorcycle Show. That bike is way too tall for me. I’m 5’5 with a 30″inseam. Even doing all the tricks to lower it some, I doubt I’ll be confident enough riding it in stop and go traffic. Plus the 250X has got that ugly front fender. A 250 Duke just seems to tickle my pickle in the right way.

        • Frosty_spl

          The WR is a cool little bike, but costs WAY too much.

          • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

            Yeah, but fuel-injection, a fancy frame, fancy suspension etc etc cost money. I guess that’s the idea with the KTM though, the Duke has all that, but Indian manufacture makes it cheap.

            • Jason

              The Duke looks sex I won’ deny that

          • Jason

            They haven’t changed much and I have heard of them brand new sitting at dealers 08 models going in the 5k range, used I’ve seen as low as 3500.

            Have 16,000 miles on mine so far.

        • Jason

          I am not sure how much shorter the Duke will be. I know some guys have done the stock lowering, the lowering link and shaved some seat foam and gotten the WRX/WRR down to where their spouses could ride it

          Check out what this guy did with his WR250X

  • Trev

    Hopefully, a 300cc Duke won’t be too expensive. Otherwise, people are just going to go to the competition for a similar bike at a cheaper price.

  • Patrick

    Fucking love the black and turquoise colors. Especially the stripe on the wheel.

    • kat

      Agreed. Swoon. Want.

  • http://www.postpixel.com.au mugget


    I wish more motorcycle promo shots featured sideways rear-sliding action.

  • slash5alive

    Wow! Nice. KTM making a Barbie colored bike! The Girls will like it. This is a great idea. Now hopefully they will make a 300 something that they can market here in the states. Awesome!

  • F

    I want a small fun bike that would make every little in town commute a hoot. I used to own a 1960s Ducati 160 narrow case. It didn’t go fast, but you felt like you were flying on it. 50mph felt like 100, and it was only a coup of years ago, not back when I was a kid or anything. I want that feeling back. All the fun without the fear of tickets looming… and without a $10,000 pricetag