Austin scores MotoGP in 10 year deal

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Dorna has just announced that Austin, Texas will be hosting all three MotoGP classes starting in 2013. The race will be held at the USGPF1 circuit now being called the “Circuit of the Americas” which is currently under construction just a few miles from the city’s international airport. The deal was signed between Dorna Sports, 3FourTexas MGP and Full Throttle Productions. So far, not much is being stated beyond the closing of the deal, but we’re guessing the Indy MotoGP is about to get a pink slip in its inbox from Dorna.

Update: a video tour of The Circuit of the Americas added below.

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Riders have never been thrilled with the Indy track—slick corners and choppy transitions make for a scary racing environment. The death of 13 year old racer Peter Lenz at last years Indy race left a bad taste in a lot of people’s mouths, and made the danger of Indy’s road course that much more real. The Circuit of the Americas, which is scheduled for completion sometime in 2012, will be miles ahead of the aging Indy track. Being that it’s designed with F1 in mind, the new track will have the kind of run-off and safety features that are commonplace in Europe’s GP tracks. Also helping out with safety is the 5400 square-foot trauma center. Ben Spies and Colin Edwards will be thrilled to have a home track too.

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  • andy727

    HELL YEAH!!!! Just a short drive from Dallas. now how do I sign up for a season pass for this venue? I want to do a trackday there. Pure awesomeness.

  • John

    Right in my backyard. Sweet.

  • cynic

    My Father in-law will be so happy when I come visit him in 2013! He’s always complaining we don’t visit enough.

  • Roman

    That’s cool and all, but what about those of us east of the Mississippi? Also, hope it’s not in the summer.

    • Tucker

      Austin in the Summer is definitely not any worse than Indy in the Summer. Also, as far as kick ass towns go Austin is WAY up on the list.

      • Roman

        No question, Ausin kicks ass by all accounts. I just with they’d throw us east coasters a bone.

        • wwalkersd

          Quitcherbitchin. Google Maps says San Francisco to Austin 1759 miles, New York to Austin 1743 miles.

          Well, OK, as long as they don’t cancel the Laguna Seca round I guess you can go ahead and bitch. But isn’t that contract up, too?

          • Roman

            I don’t see them canceling Laguna Seca, I mean why would they, great track, history, attendance, etc… You’re right though, at least now I have an excuse to visit Texas.

            • andy727

              Right, y’all need to come on down here and visit. It ain’t so bad. Hell, you might like it. The hill country has some great riding too.

  • T Diver

    Sweet. It looks like it has a grip of elevation change. Wheeee!

  • Beale

    Turn 10, a fast left at the crest of a hill. PHOTO OP!

  • the_doctor

    Fuck. Now I gotta buy everyone pizza or something (BBQ). I should just move. Ah, hell, I am glad it will be here.

  • David

    Have any of the concerns about transportation to/fro been allayed? Last I heard about this track was that it was expected to cause multi-day backups on the 3 highways feeding it – or something. /hyperbole

    • aristurtle

      Hate to admit it, but traffic will be much worse for the F1 race than it will be for MotoGP.

    • Barry

      I’m convinced that the one report that claimed a massive traffic snarl was political posturing for financing/etc. It’s right next to TWO major highways and outside of town, and one of those highways is a brand new tollway with a lot of lanes. Into/out of town will be congested at 183, but unless they’re complete idiots and don’t expand the road going to the main gate/have secondary entrances, it’s going to be no worse than any other venue. It’ll CERTAINLY be better than the clusterfark that Laguna Seca attendance has become.

  • ontheroad

    Excellent. I’ve been waiting with fingers crossed to see if Dorna was going to ink a deal. It’s a good day for MotoGP fans in the US.

    • Eben

      Not so much for us in the northeast, though. It’s a damn long way to Texas from Vermont. Any good roads from the bottom of the Blue Ridge to Austin?

      • ontheroad

        That’s true, Indy is a shorter drive from the northeast. Still, closer than Laguna, and it may rival it for excitement.

        As far as I know, from the Blue Ridge southwest is a dull ride. However, if you headed south through all those awesome Appalachian roads into North Carolina and then southwest, through Tennessee & Arkansas, that would probably be a great ride, albeit a 2000+ mile one.

      • Mark D

        It is a hike, but the trip down there is fun. Drove down there leisurely Boston->DC->Nashville->NOLA->Austin.

        All the bands going to SxSW this year made it with one overnight. Of course, they had 4-5 people rotating driving.

  • motronics

    I just moved from the East Coast (MD) to Northern California and was ecstatic that I would get to see MotoGP 90 minutes away at Laguna Seca. My brother, a fellow rider, just moved to Austin and I was stoked I could visit him and see F1. And now this??!! One happy dude right here.

    • alexio

      just moved to N.cali from Atlanta… I come from great riding roads, but I think this place is heaven. having said that.. I’m definitely heading to Austin for this race!

  • Restless Lip Syndrome

    Yes yes yes!!!

  • Stuart

    F1 and MotoGP! They should combine both in one single weekend!!!

  • William

    Traffic at the Texas Motor Speedway was a bit of a nightmare the first year or so – even with it sitting right on Interstate 35. Now, the folks from Disney come to learn how they move the traffic in and out as easily as they do. Still, 160,000 people is a lot to move.

    The Supercross at Cowboys Stadium a few weeks ago was the same night as a Texas Rangers game and they are adjacent to each other. It was a mess and I don’t think they have that “dual event” traffic pattern figures out.

    However bad it is . . . it will get better as more infrastructure is built. Both F1 and MotoGP are ten year contracts, it’s going to be ok.

    I now have two more excuses to go to Austin each year. It’s a great town in a great location. As for the heat, if it’s a summer schedule it will be hot for sure but there’s plenty of places to cool off in Austin . . . and some of them are inside :)

  • gregorbean

    Best news I’ve heard in a while!

  • Robert

    Man – the place isn’t even built yet and we have to listen to traffic whining? Hand it to Schwantz for pushing. Ben for leaning, and Colin forever being the Texas Tornado. If you fear traffic that much, get up earlier or sleep in your car! Worked for me @ Laguna.

  • James Dean Meyer

    Damn, and I just moved from Austin to the other side of the planet. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that they race in the summer, as I’ll be back from June to August every year. I’ve lived all over the world, and Austin is right up there as one of the best towns anywhere.

  • Thomas

    I was jumping on the couch tonight like Tom Cruise when I heard on the local news! How lucky are we in Austin! Thank you Dorna!!!

  • Skank NYCF

    That track looks sweet. Lots of elevation changes. Depending on the dates I’ll be there.

  • Sean Smith

    It’s too bad about the traffic. If only there was some sort of vehicle that was small enough to fit between rows of stopped and waiting cars and took up almost not space when parked…

    • Mr.Paynter


  • Archer

    The real question is, what kind of animal will Ben Spies identify that track with? Wombat?

  • damien

    Austin is officially the coolest city in the country now. Wes, you should have moved there instead of boring ol’ LaLa Land.

    • Wes Siler

      Ha, no.

  • noone1569

    Sad. As an Indy resident this is Sad. =(

  • barryg

    I do wonder if the track will be any better than any other Tilke design, so many slow corners and few opportunities for passing. Of course, bikes different to cars, but his tracks seem to have no flow to them. And spectator areas are so far away from the track edge, it’s like watching big screen TV – but we must be kept ‘safe’, mustn’t we?
    I think Austin will embrace the big races, unlike a few places I could name, and it is very accessible from anywhere. Still rather go to Laguna, tho’ – bring all 3 GP classes and there’s no better place

  • Brad W.

    From what I read Dorna is still in talking with Indy as well. 3 races in the US? Crazy, but maybe.

    • vigor

      I hope so. Indy is the only race I get to go to for free :D

      • Brad W.

        For reals. I got a free track lap last year (well two but don’t tell anyone)

  • Kahlil

    This is awesome. Such a short drive from Houston, I can do this for the next ten years with no problem.

    Makes the news of Houston not getting a single Space Shuttle a little easier to take :(

  • Ray

    Remind me why I ever left Austin…to move back to NYC.

  • Anthony Michael

    I’ve been needing a reason for a long ride to Texas… Well, I haven’t, but those around me keep demanding I give them one.