Casey Stoner on getting taken out by Rossi

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One time World Champion Casey Stoner lashed out at seven time Champ Valentino Rossi after the Doctor took him out while chancing a risky pass today at Jerez. For his part, Rossi did actually manage an apology.

  • ktaisa

    that shit was so badass.
    when rossi went into apologize i felt like i was watching WWF.
    So many crashes…
    who saw those fucking tires on the podium bikes?

    • Ben


      Stoner should mind his words to his elder. The kid may be winning now, but Valentino is “greatest of all time” material and Stoner could never dream of being considered for that. Rossi had a slow start on the once shitty yamaha too. Just wait, that bogan will eat his words.

      • Rosario

        hear hear.

      • Restless Lip Syndrome


      • Tom

        Im soy but i have to disagree.

        whatever Rossi pulled of on that corner in the dry or other years didnt matter, at that point in time, ROSSI ran out of talent and binned it – taking out what could have been another win. Rossi couldnt make that corner at that speed in those conditions, Casey was bang on the money – that corner, Rossi’s talent ran short of his ambition.

        • raphmay

          +1 Tom, Rossi may be a king but his “ambition outweighed his talent” on that corner and the “greatest of all time” should have known better. That’s the kind of riding you expect to at a club event not from Rossi.

          • Chris

            Pulling a manoeuvre like that was not the sort of thing a GOAT does. It was ill-judged and dangerous and could have resulted in very serious injury for one or both riders.

            Stoner has every right to feel aggrieved. And not just by Rossi’s foolishness, but also by the favoritism shown to Rossi by the marshals in getting Rossi’s Ducati back on the track.

      • Micka

        Greatest of all time…..

        Have look back at who he was riding against when he was winning. Pedrosa, Stoner and Lorenzo would smoke em all too, just for good measure – they all also smoke Rossi also.

    • Dennis

      MotoGP is WWF.

      “It’s funny because it’s true.” –Homer Simpson

  • jp182

    i heard they were pretty destroyed

  • Turf

    Rossi supposedly came back with, ‘Perhaps he forgot who I am’ to the media later.

    and I think it’s just a little funny that the Duc front end still has it out for stoner :)

    • James

      Yeah I’m suprised he didn’t have a dig at the Duke.

  • Mr.Paynter

    So bleak I missed the GP!
    I hope Rossi bounces back and gets that Ducati up where it needs to be, nothing would be worse than Rossi fading in to the double-digit placements and god-forbid WSBK!

  • holdingfast

    it was pretty insane, especially how rossi slid on his leg the whole time. AND how the dudes by the track only helped Rossi was pretty crazy too.. that would have majorly pissed me off.

    • jwinter

      Check Motomatters and other sites, they sort of debunked the “Stoner got no help” contention. There is a photo of at least 5 marshals trying to push start him.
      The new Honda gearbox apparently makes bump starting much tougher.
      Rossi’s bike didn’t stall so he got going right away.
      Not that Stoner has no right to gripe about being taken out though.

      • lucky j

        Not sure if I’d consider that debunked. I watched the race, they all helped Rossi up first and got him going. I only saw marshals helping Stoner out after he motioned to them angrily.

        Granted, I didn’t see everything with the camera angle, but there were only so many marshals and they sure seemed to be hanging around Rossi.

  • BeastIncarnate

    Most times when Stoner speaks, it makes me think about how I’m often a poor sport, too. It can be tough to mind my words and I can only imagine how much more difficult it must be in that sort of situation.

    To be fair, Rossi recently made some comments to the point that Stoner makes a lot of mistakes that are easy to capitalize on.

  • Luke

    It was a weird choice of words. I think Stoner was probably aiming at something like ‘hey you ran out of talent in that corner’ but ended up sounding like a Jane Austen novel. has a transcript:

    Even if it was awkward, it was certainly a lot more level headed than his Laguna Seca reaction.

    • lucky j

      Awkward? I thought it was a brilliant comment. I figure he must’ve been thinking about it for a while.

    • Scott-jay

      “Today in the wet we had a great chance for me to make my first podium with Ducati, or even to get my first win. I felt good, both with the bike and my shoulder, because I could brake where I wanted to rather than where I’m forced to in the dry, since I still don’t have the necessary strength. The bike is very fast in the wet. I was advancing really well, and I’m sorry to have made that mistake and thrown away such an opportunity. While braking for the first corner, I entered a bit long, and although I tried to stay to the inside, I lost the front and couldn’t stay up. I’m sorry, because I also took out Stoner, and I certainly didn’t want to do that. I apologized to him, and I’m truly sorry; it was a mistake. It’s a shame because we really could have gotten some satisfaction, but we’ll keep trying. We’re still not so fast in the dry, but we’re working hard. Anyway today’s fifth place gave us eleven points that are very important in the championship.” – Valentino Rossi


    It’s unfortunate that this happened. Stoner was having a great weekend up until then. I watched the last 20 laps of the race, and I was amazed at all the mishaps along the way.


    I was like
    ‘wow stoner is out’
    ‘go Spies!’ oh shit
    ‘go Edwards’ oh shit
    ‘go Hayden’

    • lucky j

      LOL yeah. I don’t know why they were pushing so hard when they had an obvious gap. Would’ve been great to see all the American guys still on the track.

  • Paul

    How does someone on pole position get caught and pased by someone on the 4th row? Maybe Stoner needs more ambition and talent because that transmission can only do so much. ;)

  • DougD

    At least his comment seems thought-out and, arguably, true. It’s not the typical monosyllabic garbage that most athletes manage.

  • Jay B

    Did I miss something or did it seem like Stoner gave up on his bike before Rossi touched him?
    … not to say it wasn’t a risky pass, but if the bike was already down anyway…

  • robotribe

    Man, I was almost SURE we were on for a race up until that point. When Simoncelli high-sided, I forwarded to the last lap just to get it over with.

    Per the announcers, I guess the Ducati “loose-front-end” (as well as another Italian) continues to haunt poor Casey, even when riding a Honda.

  • gregorbean

    I think a more appropriate way of saying it would’ve been “Your ambition outweighed your patience.”

    Rossi was clearly faster than Stoner at that point in the race and should have waited until another corner for a cleaner pass. He got greedy and made a mistake, which he handled well by apologizing straight away after the race. Stoner surprisingly handled it pretty well too.

    It sucks Rossi took Casey out of getting any championship points, but I think this was a case of Rossi taking himself out of an opportunity for victory more than taking Stoner out of an opportunity for victory. He was charging like no one else in that race.

  • michael

    That’s alright. Stoner has all season to ride a better bike than Rossi. Rossi may be more talented, but his bike is the limiting factor at this point. Things will equal out.

  • Shaun

    Rossi is beginning to look like his old self again…this championship is still for the taking. I wouldn’t bet my house against him winning very soon…and he has a another month now to rest his shoulder and fiddle with the ‘ol duke.

  • Luke

    Wayne Gardner summed it up:

    Fun to also see he’s on Twitter as @TheWayneGardner, worth keeping an eye on, that one.

  • adeysworld

    It was a funny/harsh comment that he will wish he never made. Game on Broham…

  • adeysworld

    Keep in mind Ducati is redesigning the motor as we type to better suit the Doctor needs. Problems of the GP11 are being addressed…

    • Sean Smith

      It’s gonna be a totally different game next year and everyone knows it. I doubt that Rossi is all that stressed about winning this year; next year when the bikes are fire breathing beasts with even more power everyone will have to ride differently, and Rossi will be able to capitalize on his talent.

      • adeysworld

        I agree…he’s not stressed at all about this season’s standings. BUT he will put a few egos in check this season for sure!

  • T Diver

    Racing in the rain is awesome. Stoner should have gone faster and he would have not had to worry about Rossi. What a pussy.

  • Stacey

    I like Stoner and think that while he had a right to be angry, he sure as shit wasn’t “whining.” He’d moved over to let Rossi pass and still got taken out.
    He called it a “Racing Incident” himself…and he was eve gracious enough to ask after Rossi’s shoulder.
    Had the shoe been on the other foot, he would’ve come over (sans helmet and camera crew), made an apology and that would’ve been it.

    Rossi may be the GOAT, but he’s not infallible. And to push in wet conditions like that is why we love these guys, but Rossi’s mistake cost Stoner a finish.
    Rossi fanboys would be screaming for Stoner’s head if the reverse had happened.

    Stoner was trying to preserve his tires, that doesn’t make him a pussy.

    • Justin

      +1 That was a godawful pass, but that’s racing and that’s Rossi. Conserving tires here was the way to go here. I mean, look who won the race, it was Lorenzo who did nothing but preserve those fast fading rain tires and ride conservatively and it paid off with a #1 finish.

  • rohorn

    It was traction controls’ fault.

  • dux

    It’s all fun and games until someone gives an Italian love tap.

  • Isaac

    I couldn’t believe what I saw. I think the GOAT saw the MOAN and just couldn’t let him be in front. I think Casey hates Valentino more than he hates (Val) Jorge. I just hope this doesn’t turn into an all season long of “Whos the best pilot”

    - Top Gun 1985

  • Core

    Well he spoke about that better than I would have..

    I would have said “dammit that was a crap sandwich inside of crap” to the media.