Chris Pfeiffer’s stoppie advice

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As you can see in the attached photo gallery, BMW’s resident stunt monkey, Chris Pfeiffer, knows a thing or two about doing a stoppie.

Here, he shares that knowledge with you.

Photos: Red Bull Photofiles

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  • T Diver

    I’ll try this on my way home from work today down Olympic blvd. Don’t run me over.

    • dux

      Haha. At peak hour, I couldn’t get enough speed built up to try this in Melbourne.

  • noone1569

    This is why I love HFL.

    Top four posts:

    4. Wicked CB750 Custom that everyone is drooling over
    3. How to be squid somewhat safely
    2. How to live the dream and drag your knee
    1. Free shit from A*.

    Eclectic as hell and amazing all in the same.

  • Paul

    Looks simple enough. I’ll be busting these out on the Road King in no time.

  • matt

    Making sure I understand before I try… grab the front brake pretty hard, then get the correct dosage of front brake to stay up? Got it. be right back.

    • Brammofan

      Actually, you missed the part between those two pointers about getting the rear wheel off the ground. And then remember… the higher you get that rear wheel up, the longer you go. Piece of cake. Since I can’t seem to wheelie on my Brammo, stoppies are my only option when it comes to impressing the ladies. Stand by.

  • Plotts

    I love how these BMW videos have just enough information to get you seriously hurt, but not really enough to let you know how to do something correctly.

    Most people grabbing the front brake “pretty hard” are going to end up sliding on their faces.

    Oh and don’t try this “how to” information at home.

    Oh boy.

    • Taco

      Word. I didn’t learn anything from this video but all I want to do now is try this. If you need me, you’ll find me in the ER. Who wants to sign my cast first?