Classified Moto vs. CNN

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When our buddy John Ryland from Richmond, Virginia’s Classified Moto lost his day job in advertising recently, he decided to devote himself full-time to his low-key custom bikes. Looks like that choice is paying off, CNN featured John last night.

Congrats, John and thanks for the tip, Emmet.

  • Peter88

    Another narrow angle V-twin naked/cafe/sport bike custom? This time from a totally affordable Japanese donor bike? Stop the torture! I would like to go to my local dealer and buy something like this but for some reason no one makes them.

  • Frosty_spl

    I love that XS with the red stripe on the tank!

  • Michael


    • je

      Wes might have reporters throwing chairs at each on his mind.. Hell it could have been boots vs mexico.

  • JC

    Following his blog on Posterous, amazing stuff there. Great knowing the American dream still lives

  • Coreyvwc

    Those are very very nice. Dare I ask how much?

    • jeremy

      you should dare. think affordable, not “affordable”.

  • JRl

    John does great work and makes it look REALLY great on his website. I hope it all works out for him.

  • Thom

    Too freakin cool !

    Two Thumbs ( big ones ) up

    Rock On I say . Its never too late to take on a new challenge . And a damn nice job John does with this new challenge as well .

  • Archer

    Judging from the sketchy tooling and methods, may I strongly suggest safety glasses for both our hero and his wife?

    • tomwito

      Yeah nice spring comressor. I hope they got dental insurance…

      • tomwito


  • Core

    Well that’s pretty cool.

  • damien

    cool stuff, been following his blog. I really want one of those lamps.

  • tomwito

    That’s awesome, and familiar Im in the process of building a bike along these lines and losing my job too.

  • UrbanRider

    Nice one John, and thanks for my lamp sitting pretty here in London! :)