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The Yamaha 225 Scorpio is, rightfully, the kind of bike none of us would look at twice if we passed one on the street. Retailing for around $2,000 in places like India, Indonesia and Thailand, it’s just basic transportation in places where people ride in flip flops and t-shirts because that’s all they own, not because they don’t know better. But look at this bike, it’s absolutely beautiful. Talk about the proverbial ugly duckling.

This is a stock 225 Scorpio. Blech. You’ve probably already forgotten you’re looking at it. Try and focus and it’s fairly amazing how much of the stock bike Deus was able to keep while still wholly transforming it. Same frame (obviously), same swingarm, same forks, same brakes, same chain guard, same pegs, etc. Someone was able to look through the plastic and see a fundamentally pretty motorcycle. That someone has vision.

Deus Ex Machina

  • JaySD

    Looks great. Wonder how much it costs in the new form

  • Charlie

    Transformed into a BSA Victor 441. Perfect

  • Ducky

    Holy shit! That’s a huge transformation

  • aristurtle

    It could use some bar-end mirrors, I think.

  • Mike Brooklyn

    Really gorgeous. wonder how many people can it afford it in it’s new, prettier trim though. Maybe they could move a few of these here.

  • Jay B

    Every time I see Deus turn some off-the-shelf small displacement bike into something so rad, I get slightly angrier at the American motorcycle market.

    • HENRY

      I used to get mad as well. I got fed up and decided to just build something myself. Companies like Deus were a big inspiration and since I haven’t sold enough surf T-shirts to have an unlimited budget I am doing it cheaply. All together it was cheaper than any new bike and I know so much more about bikes than I did going in. I highly recommend doing it yourself. Don’t wait for moto companies to get off their ass. Build what you want. I will admit it helps to have another bike to ride while you work on the project bike.

      • JonB

        That’s killer Henry.

  • Jim

    Problem is they’ve probably transformed it from a $2000 bike into a $10,000 one. Someone needs to do this and make it affordable, like 5 grand.

    • Alex

      ^ this times 10000. Waaaay too expensive for its little 225 roots.

    • Joel

      Love it. What about this bike makes you think that it cost $8,000 in upgrades? It looks like some powdercoating and smart plastic removal + a seat, tank and pipe.

      • Alex

        The name…

  • Gene

    No instruments except some crap tiny little speedo? And look at that nasty seat. And the fuel tank sure is ugly and small and ugly… and did I mention “ugly”? And it looks like a Sportster reject. Plus the pipe just says “asshole!” and “Harley wannabe!”

    Sorry, in this case, I’ll take the stock one.

    • Devin

      Tank is way too small.

      Still don’t understand way the manufacturers lather everything in plastic on anything but sport bikes.

  • Denzel

    Very inspirational if you have have half a DIY bone in your body. So why is stuff like this not galvanizing U.S. teens?

    Mivv does that curved treatment to some of their exhaust systems. It looks great on this.

    • JonB

      Galvanizing US teens to do what?

      Kawasaki will not even bring the W800 into the US, how are a bunch of kids going to get anyone to listen?

      Totally sad. I would love a TW200, a 225 Scorpio or any other small bike. I just need to commute 15 miles round trip across one bridge daily. Would love to do it on a bike like this rather than a CBGSZFR 600/1000.

      • aristurtle

        Take a look at the Suzuki TU250, it sounds right up your alley.

        • Wereweazle

          ^ Rode that Suzuki for my ABATE course. Marvelous little machine.

      • Mark D

        Galvanizing them to cheap Craigslist for dirt cheap little bikes, which they will promptly completely disassemble, then customize.

        Deus uses those bikes because they’re available cheaply and universally. I guess the US equivalent would be little 250 dirtbikes, or ninja 250s. Actually, that last one could make an interesting build…

      • DoctorNine

        You can build something like this out of an old Yammy XT225. They are around, and generally cheap.

  • Case

    The Deus bike is nice. Not epic awesome, but still: I see that and I want to ride it. The stocker is barf. What’s odd is that it is cheap yet covered in disposable throwaway junk. Why do they do that?

  • Kevin

    Can we see Deus Bali girl riding on it?

  • Luke

    Heh, that first video looks very much like the eastern distributor tunnel! If only there weren’t so man speed cameras in there …

    As for galvanizing teens, the current generation of teens is bankrolled by their parents, who are all risk averse in the extreme. The kinds of teens who do scrimp and save enough money aren’t likely to spend it on a tasteful custom.

    And who wants to spend a lot of money on vehicles when you’re about to stare down the barrel of hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loans? Easier to play with an iPhone and buy a cheap fixie and get your kicks that way.

    • Denzel

      True that…to some extent.
      The thing about stripping and customizing a cheap bike is that it IS relatively cheap. Probably in the same ball park as getting heavily into snowboarding or other gear heavy expensive preoccupation du jour. It’s also true that making a bike your focus as a kid has other ‘obstacle’ implications like licensure, insurance, car more practical and, as Luke points out, risk averse parents. Even big teen bike scenes like Baltimore don’t go the customization/rodding aesthetic route. It’s just too bad that exercising creativity and building stuff with your hands, both good for people (of all ages) and then with bikes thrown into into the mix, don’t get much traction. Maybe the ‘youtz’ are getting bought off by their parents… making rebellion (bikes)a little less appealing.
      Sweeping generalization :-)

      • JonB

        Easy cure. Suzuki should donate a dozen TU250s to 12 different high school shop classes (they still have those right?) across the country and host a build contest with a show and peoples choice judging round at Laguna GP.

      • Peter.C.

        True, though I have a feeling that most Kids couldn’t dream of this stuff. From my experience riding off road. quads to jeeps. all the kids i rode with prefer minor, ‘bitch-ass’ changes. you get one or two who go all out and bore the engine maybe do some racing. But bikes like this my friend are simply beyond the scope of vision. If i saw this as a teen I’d flip my wig. It looks incredible.

        KTM is having that problem marketing their 125′s. There are a lot of distractions for the 12-18′s, iphones, drugs, sex, drugs, and concerts. The time non-inbriated leaves little room for riding let alone building.

        I will say i have seen some kids working on 90′s fox body style mustangs in my town the other day. That gave me a ray of hope. Wrenching creativity will blossom onward. The college age broke ass kid, like me, is more likely to get involved in this kind of stuff.

  • aristurtle

    Also, I see nothing wrong with the stock bike that a little GooGone and a razor won’t fix.

  • UrbanRider

    Where’s the pipe from?

  • Mike

    @UrbanRider – Almost looks like one of those $200 Danmoto’s from ebay.

  • Benjamin

    Sounds like a lot of grouch’s creaking around in their rocking chairs in here. This quote ignores quite a bit of history:

    “how are a bunch of kids going to get anyone to listen?”

    Kid’s will continue to get old people to listen by defining the future of our material culture (including vehicles) and of cool. They will be the ones who make electric vehicles cool. They will also continue to hot rod little jobber vehicles (both tasteful and tasteless) and Deus has made a great business of it. They sell their bikes at a premium because of the spirit of their bikes, the quality of their design and their commitment to their own brand aesthetic, just like all those other good brands that charge you more for something than it’s raw material cost.

    My response to all the nit-pickers and nay sayers in this comment thread is “You go make a better one then.”

    Build a small scale production bike, that uses the local beater model of your region and make it look and feel fun. Develop a brand around the positive and universal sentiments of moto culture. Deus captures the On Any Sunday “Yahoo!” feeling of motorcycles that I think we’re all here for, no matter what brand of pants you are currently wearing or where your footpegs are positioned.

    Grow up, do more, complain less, it’s tiresome. The kids are just fine, it’s the grown ups that have it ass-backwards.

    • JonB

      You’re quoting me so I feel obligated to at least discuss this with you.

      Kind of silly to say I’m ignoring history. I’m specifically speaking about the ‘here and now’ of motorcycles and teens.

      I’m of the opinion, one shared by quite a few industry and non-industry people, that motorcycles are not cool to kids any more. Such as that KTM video which proves this by featuring snowboarding and the bike just being cool -transit- by association. I tjhink that most kids aren’t going to speak up re. bikes as they have already moved on. So I would think then that it would then be up to the OEMS, ad agencies, media, builders and shops like Deus etc to attempt to make bikes cool again rather than waiting around for some ‘fixed-gear’ movement to happen with motorcycles.

      Mopeds are huge in some big cities right now. In this case the kids have spoken up, and they’re forced to recycle old mopeds. Honda could easily sit down with 1977 Mopeds and discuss styling and design on a small displacement urban motorcycle, but they won’t.

      So I agree the adults do have it backwards. I just don’t think the kids can change the adult management perspective. I’ve seen lots of people/kids try, burnout and then move-on.

      You have a point about EV/Green bikes and I sure hope that happens.

      PS. I never slammed the bike or Deus, both rule.

  • Benjamin

    Totally agree with you and I’m sorry for taking your quote out of context. I’m the dum-dum here.

    It is funny how the idea of a “youth movement” has become marketing jargon. I think there’s a big difference between cool and trendy. I think motorcycles have dug themselves a pretty big hole that they have to claw back out of. And hipsters aren’t going to do it, they are just going to idolize McQueen and wear metal flake helmets.

    I do think Deus has the right idea and I totally agree that OEM’s and the industry as a whole needs to open their ears and bring motorcylce specs, styling, branding and gear back to something that isn’t so in your face that it forgets to be fun or free or accessible.

    I think ultimately these companies are lazy, and so are hipsters. It takes doers (both kids and adults) who are willing to bring that voice to motorcycling.

    My comment about old grumps and my defense of Deus wasn’t directed at you, but at the commenters I see on nearly every story who continue to perpetrate motorcycle sectarianism and divisive opinions (it’s just a POS cruiser, it doesn’t perform as well as X, it’s too expensive for what it is).

    I think comments like this miss what matters. Everyone reads this site because they love riding motorcycles. Picking apart the efforts of a company or a builder to do something unique, whether it is to your taste or not, is counter productive to motorcycling. It’s how we end up with the total mediocrity we all hate. We should be finding ways to be challenged and inspired by people who are trying, we should be support those who try with our dollars and our feedback so they can continue to try. If we’re critical, we should be constructive, finding ways to do it cheaper, faster, cooler. I just get so tired of moto-trolls, it makes me want to hang my tassled chaps up for good. ;-P

  • Mike

    Yes, Danmoto exhaust for sure. Check the logo at 0:15 on the second video

    • damien

      I had never heard of Danmoto stuff before, holy shit is it cheeeaaaap! Looks pretty cool too. There are some pretty awesome looking little gauge clusters to choose from. Perfect for my Thruxton.

  • Denzel

    Maybe we need some grass roots action, to re-adjust the ratio of cars to bikes. I hereby commit to the world that I will convert one other soul to moto junkie-hood this year :-)

  • Coreyvwc

    Do want.