Custom: Wrenchmonkees CB750 Classic

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It’s been a while since we’ve covered a Wrenchmonkees bike, but this Honda CB750 K7 caught our eye for its simplicity and elegance. Intended for a low budget makeover, the amount of money available for custom work decreased dramatically when the drive chain snapped on the highway, cracking the crankcase.

Not a huge cause for worry to the ever resourceful Monkees. They welded the crankcase back together, rebuilt the engine then set out on customization.

The rear subframe was looped and fitted with a custom seat and rear fender. The mufflers were replaced with short megaphone items. The oil tank and battery box were replaced with custom fabricated aluminum housings. Up front, the front suspension was lowered, a new speedo mount was fitting to accompany the Tarozzi headlight brackets, and white Posh grips were fitted. See what we mean about simple? The only real mechanical alteration was replacing the stock 17-inch rear wheel with an 18-inch item, thereby enabling the customer to run Firestone Deluxe tires.

A reserved two-tone black and white paint job with gold pin striping tops the CB750 off nicely.


  • Miles Prower

    Wow, that’s a beauty.

  • Patrick

    Very Nice! First bike was a ’76 cb550 that I rebuilt, so I have a bit of a soft spot for these bikes.

  • Sasha Pave

    Nice touch with the white grips.

  • Mark D

    I’ve been seeing those big dirt-tracker inspired wheels on a lot of customs recently. A trend in design, or a trend in actually riding on dirt?

    • Wes Siler

      Ha, it’s just a fad. Bikes like this are going apartment to bar and back.

    • dux

      That’s pretty. Thank god it has a front brake! Not a fan of the mega-customs that can’t stop. I hope that’s just a fad, too.

  • Benjamin


  • Ben

    I was riding in a group awhile back and one of the guys had one of these. He had it pretty stock looking but had added highway bars, a windshield, and a backrest. I thought it looked pretty lame until he was riding in front of me and I saw those exhaust pipes. I’ve been in love with these ever since and really want to buy and mod my own.

    • Mark D

      They’re amazingly simple machines. My friend and I are rebuilding a ’76 750. Fucking heavy, though.

      • Ben

        I did notice the surprising weight. But the people I tend to ride with are usually on k1200gt’s, Goldwings, or something similar and I’ve taken a turn on all their bikes so the weight thing doesn’t bother me too much.

  • gregorbean


  • Mattro

    good lookin’.

  • Dan


    My first two bikes were a ’73 CB200 and a ’75 CB360 (purchased in ’07 and ’08, respectively), so I’ve got a giant soft spot for these. I’m actually laid-up for a few months, and was just starting to toy with the idea of picking up another CB to fix up while I wait to get riding again..

  • Ducky

    It doesn’t take a lot to make a CB look great apparently!

    The snapping chain/taking out the crankcase has always been a problem on the CB750