Developing the EBR 1190 Typhon

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What do you do if you’re a tiny volunteer-only European race team developing a naked version of the EBR 1190RR both as a product for the street and as a race bike? Why, you obtain the fastest liter bike of the moment, the BMW S1000RR, and spend a week in Spain trying to make your roadster go faster than the superbike, that’s what.

Having just presented the EBR 1190 Typhon as a concept model in November, Pegasus Race Team and Gruner Engineering got such a positive response that they decided to develop the bike as a kit, enabling any EBR 1125 or 1190 owner to build their own Typhon. Like we told you last week, they’ll be racing it this year too, campaigning it in the European BEARS series against European and American superbikes like that S1000RR and the Aprilia RSV4. Yeah, these guys are a little insane.

“We must learn where the competition is standing,” explains Jens Krüper, the Pegasus team manager. “We have neither traction or wheelie control or race ABS and the BMW S1000RR,in this respect, an absolutely stunning bike.”

Equipped with only a stock 1125 engine instead of the 185rwhp 1190 motor, the Typhon was predictably slower on the straights than the faired EBR 1125R, but only by about 6mph. But, even around the 3.2-mile Motorland Aragon circuit, the Typhon was able to lap within two seconds of the BMW S1000RR when both bikes were on the same tires.

“Actually, you can not compare the bikes,” say Harald Kitsch, who will race both the Typhon and the 1190RR for Pegasus this year. “The S1000RR is heavier and is more delicate in the choice of the line, but has endless power. The rider assistance systems such as traction control and ABS work really fine. With the Typhon I drive lines that you’d hardly believe possible. It is light, agile and, even with the stock Buell engine, a lot of fun.”

“The chassis Erik Buell developed and the Rotax engine are an extraordinary combination,” says Thomas Wanner, Pegasus Race Team’s owner. He’s pictured above aboard his XBR race bike at the test. “We have the task of developing the Typhon conversion kit for the 1125R and CR models to a quality which will allow series production. “I believe in the future of this concept, especially in a time when more and more technological gadgets go to the market, there is more than ever a demand for a motorcycle in which the focus is on driving pleasure.”

The six-day test enabled Pegasus to test not only the Typhon conversion components, but also new suspension parts from AST and to familiarize themselves with using a 2D Data Recording System.

AST is headquartered in Holland, but has recently entered the US with suspension components for GrandAm racing. The head of AST’s motorcycle department is another Buell racer, Ronnie Kreeft. “We were trying an all-new big piston shock,” says Ronnie. “At first I was skeptical, but Harald was able to lap on par with last year’s suspension from the first lap, then improve from there. That’s great motivation to continue with this idea.”

The Typhon will race for the first time at Lausitzring on April 16 and 17. You’ll read about it here.

Pegasus Race Team, and Gruner Engineering

  • ontheroad

    Buell seems to have found the perfect R&D dept in this tiny German race team. Looks great, I’d love to ride one of these things.

    Also, nice Schuberth… I wonder, are they allowing those internal-visor helmets to be worn during races?

    • Wes Siler

      Thomas races in it.

      • Thomas

        …had no complaints about that helmet up to now – neither in Germany nor in spain ;-)

  • noone1569

    I’m amazed by the heart and drive these guys at Pegasus show for a brand that was killed by corporate America. I can’t wait to see what EBR and Pegasus have up their sleeves for the next couple years.

  • Glenngineer

    Awesome air intake on Wanner’s XBR.

    • Thomas

      …it’s not only an air-intake – it’s also the only support for the fairing – Jens is ingenious in creating new parts and inspired by a word of John Britten – “no part should have only one function…” – so this carbon air-intake is lighter than the original one, supplies more than enough air for the engine and is more rigid than the part used at the stock-XB-R


    of course comparing a hand built $45,000 bike with a $15,000 production unit has to be taken into consideration.

    • douglas

      yes it does esp. when that 15,000 bike has millions of automobile research monies behind it

    • Jens

      Well, that BMW S1000RR was Öhlins equipped with a full factory upgraded race ABS, tractioncontrol and enginemapping. Racebrakes and full Carbon Bodywork. So lets say we talk 35.000$. But the shockinf thing was indeed (as Douglas point out) that amazing development and production power what drive this project. Even if they still have problems at the WSBK in the lower competitions after the 2011 season nothing will be ever the same. I am realy impressed about BMW and willwork hard to kick their a##!

  • Tony

    EBR and Pegasus are, quite simply, two of the coolest organizations on the planet.

    Right now, Keith Wandell is on a golf-course somewhere wondering if he can charge three times as much for a bike that has chrome on top of chrome on top of chrome while EBR and Pegasus are out thrashing bikes on the track until something breaks . . . and then making that something better.

  • Noah

    What the hell is that plastic thing coming off the tank going into the wind screen? Looks kooky, but seems like it would really mess with your peripheral vision in a tuck.

    • Wes Siler

      Air intakes.

    • Miles Prower

      Isn’t the “tank” really an airbox, and the frame is where the fuel is stored?

      • Wes Siler


  • Kevin

    Looks like mom’s a Street Triple and dad’s a RC8.

    • Miles Prower

      I disagree. I think her Mom is an RC8 and her Dad is a Street Triple. In any case, I’d ask her for a date. She looks totally hot naked.

  • Will Y

    Is it viable to race a non-faired bike against a fully faired one; won’t the straights just murder the naked Buells?

  • Adam

    I hope EBR sells these as a stand alone bike in the US with the 1190 motor. Very sexy

  • Jens

    The Typhon loose app. 10-15 km/h topspeed on the long straights in Relation to the Full faired Bike, there are Tracks you can live with that, depending on the Track Profile and the competiton. After dominating so clear in 2010 we give it a try. Unfortunaly the First Race on the Lausitz Eurospeedway is a fast One….

    • je

      The stock 1125 looks like it left the factory with cancer and you are the cure.. The question is can the everyday man obtain it or is this a “Steve Jobs” only operation.

      • Thomas

        target is a fair price for the conversion kit – there are not a lot of billionaires out there riding a buell – so this stuff is developped for you guys ;-)

        • je

          Oh how I heart you then! This is by far the most industrial looking motorcycle available. Thanks you, real talk.

  • mugget

    Very awesome.

    What really took my interest was how they mentioned the type of lines he’s riding, that you wouldn’t think it was possible.

    I had started thinking that all the new wave of superbikes like the S1000RR and ZX-10R with their race ABS and TC, etc. were as good as it gets. Then I got a ‘lil supermoto.

    If the Typhon turns out to be like the supermoto of the superbike world, then say no more – I’m there! Strip all the electrickery and give me a light and agile sportsbike!

    • Thomas

      …you exactly got it mugget 8-)

    • Jens

      That “go different line phaenomen”, started with the stock Buell 1125R. That 145 crankHP bikes had in the way of enginepower no chance against the competitors in the Sound of Thunderraces, but wun races. Latebraking because of low weight is one thing, but than quickly turned out that the concept allow these different lines to go araound competitors in the cornes on ways nobody belive. The standard setup of a race 1125R is a 1 degree corrected steeringangle and a longer swingarm and you got a lot of other positive featers with the bike, like weightbalance, massrelations, etc. A well builded 145 HP Buell 1125R racebike goes laptimes as a 165+ HP racebike with a standard concept. I dont say that it is always like that, but if the rider is able to use the possebilities the Buellconcept offers, he is real fast.

  • smoke4ndmears

    AST stuff is very nice -had a set of their coilovers on my M3. I’d love to get some of their components on my bike.

    • Wes Siler

      Email them. Ronnie’s really cool.

  • gt1

    A question from an uninitiated: those dark red things looking like tiny shocks marked 2D on pictures 15 and 16, what are they?

    • Wes Siler

      Potentiometers. They measure suspension movement so the team understands what the forks are precisely doing at any point on the track.

      • gt1

        Thanks, Wes. I’m glad I don’t have to buy this farkle!

  • NickK

    This is the first time I’ve looked at a buell and said ‘want’ to myself.

  • Kentaro rides a H-D Night Rod Special and a BMW GSA

    bad ass.

  • Dan

    History in the making!

  • Rob

    As much as I LOVE my XB. . . She looks like Dorothy and the Typhoon looks like a hot-tub party with Roxy, Candy, Destiny, Cherry, and Venus!