Dirt bikes over Burj Al Arab

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Perspective is a funny thing, ain’t it? At 1,053 feet tall, clearing Dubai’s Burj Al Arab — the second tallest hotel in the world — would be an enormous feat. Jumping in front of it? Not so much.

Photos: Jorg Mitter/Red Bull Photofiles

  • zipp4

    Am I the only one that doesn’t really get the point of this? I feel like anyone with photoshop could superimpose a FMX rider over, lets say, the moon and get the same emotional response.

  • Archer

    I stayed there for a week in 2007. Just getting a tour of the lobby cost something like $7.00, I am thankful I didn’t have to pay for the room.

    Lots of dirty little 250′s in Dubai. You’re really taking your life into your hands street riding there. Cagers are insane.

    • Courtney

      So how is that different from any other big American city ?

      • zipp4

        I’m looking out my window, I see no 250′s.

      • dux

        I think he’s referring to the ‘cagers’