EBR 1190 Typhon hits the track

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Remember the Erik Buell Racing 1190 Typhon? It’s a concept streetfighter based on the 185rwhp EBR 1190RR and built by the world’s largest EBR race team. These exclusive photos and exclusive video show its first track outing at Spain’s Motorland Aragon where it was able to lap within seven seconds of race bikes like the BMW S1000RR and Aprilia RSV4, despite being saddled with a stock 1125 motor and street tires. Soon, you’ll be able to buy a kit to turn your old Buell into something similar.

Track photos: British Sport Photography

The Typhon is the product of creative minds at Pegasus Race Team, the world’s largest team currently campaignin EBR bikes. Last year, they won the European Sound of Thunder championship with an EBR 1190RR.

Pegasus continued developing Buell products before there was a such thing as Erik Buell Racing and the Typhon grew out of those efforts. The team devised new aerodynamic and cooling solutions to make a naked based on the radical performance of the 1190RR possible.

The camera’s a bit jerky, but here’s a lap of Aragon aboard the Typhon. Keep in mind it’s running a stock 1125 motor and street tires here.

You can read more about the Typhon here.

Want one? Pegasus and Buell-Parts.com are developing a kit based on these components that’ll allow you to transform any Buell 1125R or 1125CR into an ass-kicking American streetfighter.

The Typhon will see its first action at Europespeedway Lausitz on 16/17 April where it will race against bikes like the above-mentioned BMW and Aprilia in the BEARS class which includes any other European or American sportsbike, include the Ducati Desmosedici.

  • Sean Smith

    I think this seals the deal. My next street bike is going to be an 1125R.

  • JonB

    I’ve liked the other buell concepts better particularly the Bott design.

    The angle of the tail on this looks retarded.

    • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

      Exact same tail as the 1190RS.

      • JonB

        Seriously? It seems deceivingly high.

        • http://hellforleathermagazine.com Wes Siler

          Yeah, I think you’re failing to perceive just how tiny this bike is.

    • JRl

      That Bott design also incorporated an entirely new FRAME…I have a feeling this kit will be significantly cheaper.

  • Vincent

    Wow. Sold. See ‘merica? THIS is what we want. Not ‘heritage’ models. If I wanted an old looking bike I’d buy vintage….which I did.

  • Tony

    Looks great! I’d like to see one with the 1190 engine though.

    • Sean Smith

      The motors look identical. All the changes are internal. I’m sure EBR would be happy to sell you a motor kit.

  • Myles

    That’s a lotta radiator. Looks like there’s a whole window screen behind the wheel.

  • Trev

    As long as they have one version of the kit that gives it an analog speedometer and tachometer, along with the other goodies, and it is not overly expensive….. I am in.

    • lucky j

      I doubt it. Maybe you can fit your own?

  • Thomas

    ..the radiators are very narrow – a small one for the water of each cylinder plus a small one in the middle for the oil. But in between the radiators there is the exhaust manifold which also needs room. The whole construction is app. as wide as the frame itself!

  • Greg

    I’ll chime in as the “Negative Nancy” for the group. Sorry, but I’ve never been a fan of Buell or EBR. 7 Seconds off the pace? Why even mention that figure without displaying lap times. 7 Seconds could be an eternity and has no real relevance without a benchmark. I like companies that think outside the box and Buell is certainly one of them. I just don’t appreciate when they do something different just to be different and sacrifice either form or function to do it. I’m sure that bike is going to feel great to ride with 180+ hp and no fairing…. *FAIL*

  • brutus

    first of all greg, fairings are for pussies. …..jk. kind of.

    and finally a motorcycle video with the proper soundtrack!

    • Andreas

      love it, fairings are for pussies?!.

      Bout the bike, surely great, but with the orange I think KTM at once? Kinda wage styling…

  • BuellDoc

    this is what I do not understand. This company and all the other small companies serving the Buell owners/supporters while Erik plays with the expensive toys and rich. Lets see them support him for the next 25 years?

  • http://grimysideup.com grimysideup

    Geez, guys. I’m pointing at Greg here, but we’re talking about a machine w/ minimal, street-oriented aerodynamics and 146 horsepower coming in only 5% off faired supersports making 193 horsepower. In street shoes. Do you think these folks don’t know that riding on the track all day would be best handled with a fairing? This is a streetfighter, which just happens to beat all kinds of ass on the track. It’s clean, small, and fast and can be built from bikes which can be had for cheap all over fleabay. *FAIL*, really? I can’t tell if I’m feeding trolls or encouraging reading comprehension. I just hate to hear nay-saying founded on misunderstanding or, worse, willful ignorance.

  • Thomas

    If you’re looking for a track-only-bike, go for the EBR 1190RS – if you’re looking for fun on public roads, try the Typhon – it’s fun to ride and due to the extreme lightweight-construction handling is superbe!

  • Johndo

    Looks great! Those 2 round “lights” look so much better then the latest Speed Triple :P

  • Filippo

    Well, after having bought a CR – I can’t wait to see the prices on the kit, because I sure didn’t buy this bike for it’s looks :)

  • Stacey


    I don’t know what you ride, nor do I care. I bought my Buell for my own reasons. I don’t ride on the track and my 1125R does not get ridden anywhere close to its capabilities. It does everything I want it to.

    However, I do prefer naked bikes. I passed on the XB12ss for a water-cooled, modern engine. And I’m really grateful to see that development of the platform continues. This will be a lovely option for me (should it be affordable).

    Your FAIL is a WIN for me.

  • je

    FFFFUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUC this is going to actually happen. HLF you just melted my face. I dont know what to do with myself at the moment.

    What tires are those?

  • Jens

    je, thats the 2011 Bridgestone Raintires.

  • http://www.desmoworks.com desmoworks

    Everything is so exclusive now-a-days.