Girl fight!

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Remember those photos of the Icon x Brammo rollerderby from back in February? Here’s an exclusive first look at video of that. We’re not sure what a bunch of chicks kicking the crap out of each other has to do with bikes, but if the Icon Hooligan Glam jacket can take this kind of abuse, it should hold up to anything a puny little motorcycle accident can throw at it. Also, there’s a DeLorean.

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  • BeastIncarnate

    Brammos, boobs and butts. The holy trinity if you’re a Brammo fan, and two out of three ain’t bad if you’re not.

    • Kevin

      Shows you where my mind’s at, but I thought for a moment your handle was “BreastIncarnate.”

      • BeastIncarnate

        I see/hear things like that all the time. A man can dream.

  • Brammofan

    He stands. He claps. He sits. Pushes play again.

  • Miles Prower

    One of my riding buddies is a big fan of the Boston Derby Dames. I don’t know if season tickets exist for their events — but if they do, he probably has season tickets.

  • Dean

    Haha, I grew up roller skating at Oaks Park.

    Never did I see that in the rink though.

  • robotribe

    I don’t know if it sells jackets, but I’m certainly sold on it.

  • pinkyracer

    yeah, I love the babes and the bike, but the jacket is still fugly, even in pink.

  • Mark D


    • Taco

      mad crush on all roller derby girls.

  • Jason

    Looked like fun for sure! Oaks Park! HAHA I used to take my daughter skating there!

  • Cheese302

    love roller derby. still need to take an electric bike for a spin, and hnestly, ICON doesn’t bother me. I like some of their helmets. Now if only i could watch the video at work.

  • Steve

    Somewhere, right now, James Cann is asking “why couldn’t I have been in THAT version of the movie?”

    • Brammofan


  • T Diver

    I nominate it for an Oscar. Hollywood needs to get a clue. Oh yeah, I guess they were advertising something too. Icon jackets make chicks hot bad-asses.

  • James Dean Meyer

    Also, there’s a DeLorean. Classic.

  • Ed

    I was taking care of a Roller Derby Girl in the Emergency Room a few years ago (I think she skated for the Oly Rollers ( She said she just loved this song. but man, these modern girls don’t look like anything Jim Croce was singing about.