Guy Martin on the TT: ‘if you get it wrong, you’re dead’

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You’ll probably have to watch the interview several times before you have a clue about what Guy Martin said at the premiere for TT3D Closer to the Edge. I still can’t figure out what he says he does for a living besides racing, but the faces he makes are priceless when he tries to remember how many years his dad raced the TT. Sadly, there’s still no word about the film coming to the States, so consider Guy’s interview on the red carpet as training for when TT3D gets released to video.

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Thanks for the tip, Alex.

  • Wereweazle

    Did anyone else think of Brad Pitt from Snatch?

    • Stonygut

      I read somewhere that he was Brad Pitt’s dialogue coach for that movie

  • Dan

    Come again?

  • Tom

    he is a truck mechanic by trade, but does TV presenting now about engineering, i think you guys in america might like the show too, as do i think the UK would love to see some AMA racing,

  • james

    A lovely Lincolnshire accent! Bloomin marvelous

  • crazyuncle

    diesel fitter. ( i think)

    • nick2ny


  • carcanal

    ok that dude needs someone to go along with him with subtitles.

    • Brammofan

      I’m pretty sure I remember that “Trainspotting” used subtitles, even though they were, reportedly, speaking English.

  • damien

    guy martin is, by far, the coolest racer out there. pulling into the podium area after a race and someone puts a cup of tea right into his hand. perfect.

    he’s actually riding in BSB coming up. i think at least the first race. relentless suzuki.

  • John

    The old ABC Wide world of Sports might have covered this. Too bad there isn’t a modern day equivalent of Jim McKay.

  • Dennis

    (I know Lincolnshire isn’t in Scotland. Don’t care.)

  • T Diver

    The dude is bad ass. I usually just put on head phones when he talks and make up what I think he is saying as I go along.

  • Scott Pargett

    He’s so right about nothing thinking about the consequences of those extremes. A normal person just couldn’t rationalize it. No matter the confidence, you’re still human and that speed, with those dangers… one mistake it all it takes to be killed instantly. I don’t have the numbers, but I’m almost certain a solider in Afghanistan is safer than a Isle of Man racer, statistically speaking. That being said:

    • Love the Isle of Man TT (one of the last true trilling races left)

    • Love his bike (such a gorgeous modern with the perfect tip of the hat to the race’s vintage aesthetics)

    I can’t wait to see the movie.

    • Case

      I loved these bike colors too. He won’t run them again – he switched to Relentless Suzuki this year.

  • mugget

    Oh yeah, so very hoping this makes it’s way around the world and to Australia as well.

    I dunno what it is – but I just like the way he speaks. I understand it fine as well. Haha.

  • Terry

    “What other sport is there left where you can go out there and kill yourself? Where is it?”

    Laughing my ass off. Guy is a hero of mine.

  • gregorbean

    Dammit I want to see this on a big screen in 3D! Who can we lobby to bring this stateside?

  • Coreyvwc

    Guy Martin: singlehandedly keeping motorcycle racing cool. Moto GP and WSBK need more people like him.

  • Jens

    Man like him are the essence why UK is the home of Motorsport.

  • Ben

    He’s a diesel fitter. (I’m a Brit so I can say this with confidence).

  • raphmay

    5minutes 20seconds in, is that jackie stewart that walks past behind him?

    • Jason

      Well spotted! That is the one and only Jackie Stewart!

      • Case

        Ahem… I think it’s Sir Jackie Stewart. :) A worthy honorific for a great racer.

  • Jason

    To see Guy in a different light You Tube ‘the boat that guy built’… slightly different pace to the TT… Guy is a proper good bloke.

  • Michael


  • Case

    Guy Martin is so cool. Just a regular guy, except he races motorcycles at an elite level in the most demanding road race in the world. So, not regular at all then.

    Nice Kriega pack, too.

  • John

    Guy Martin is amazing. At the end of the video Jackie Stewart walks behind him. If you don’t know who Jackie Stewart is never mind.

  • vegetablecookie

    ‘if you get it wrong, you’re dead’

    …or you just explode into an enormous fireball and live to race another day…just sayin’.

  • Xenophya

    His Girlfriend was in my wife’s shop, Mango in the metro centre in Newcastle, buying an outfit for the premier. She’s the pretty blonde lass who is in the background near the end of the interview. Apparently also down to earth nice lass!

  • John

    I asked about a US release date, and got this from Mike Reaney of the Department of Economic Development,
    “We are currently very busy launching the movie in UK but I’m confident that it will screen in the US in the next few months. Keep an eye on the press!”

    Best wishes


    • Jeremy

      Thats mega Chief – keep us posted

  • paul

    Just saw this at the Movies, bloody brilliant!