How to sneak in to the Spanish Grand Prix

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Jamie Robinson and Alpinestars answer that and other important questions like finding the best place to illegally film race action in this video from Jerez.

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  • jpenney

    Another great video! Thanks to HFL for posting these and introducing me to Jamie’s MotoGeo site. Great pictures and stories there.

  • Case

    Jamon d’Iberico + motoGP racing + beers + spanish girls + sunshine = Heaven

    That bike traffic jam was amazing. Imagine how much more f*cked it would have been if it were all cars of the same size. Also, did you see how many of the people were riding 2 up? That is transportation efficiency. Not as good as a bus, but so much better than a car or FUV.

  • Rob

    I saw those beautiful nurses sitting on those barriers half way between the motorcycle parking fair and gate 1! Everyone should go to the Spanish GP at least once in their life…

  • eric

    I want to party with that dude, always doing crazy stuff.

    • Wes Siler

      He’s pretty fun to party with, but he get’s pretty punchy when he’s drunk.

  • damien

    Bueno video.