It’s Moroccan moped superman

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Faster than a speeding bullet, yet slower than traffic, this real life superhero was spotted fighting crime at nearly 90mph on a Moroccan highway. Criminals beware, you can hear this man of steel’s moped inside your car, at speed, hundreds of yards away.

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Thanks for the tip, Sean.

  • William

    Roland in Morocco . . .

  • Murat

    The guys filming this are Turkish and I’m pretty sure the venue is in Turkey too…

    • Wes Siler

      YouTube identified it as Morocco, that’s all we know.

    • Mr.Paynter

      What’s Turkish for Squid?

      • moby grape

        Why is he not wearing flip flops? Doesn’t he know the rules?

        • wwalkersd

          Why is he wearing more than a bathing suit and slippers? Doesn’t he know about Rollie Free?

  • adeysworld

    Haha love it! What ever gets the blood flowing…I’m all for it.

  • Mark D

    Is is sad that a random road in Morocco is smoother and more pot-hole-free than any road in the North East right now?

    He’d be bounced 30 ft in the air if he tried that here!

    • stempere

      What you have to know (if it is, indeed, Morocco), is that most highway there are like 2~5 years old. And some even less. I was there for a few month some years back and highways between major cities alongside the coast where all new.
      I unfortunately didn’t have any bike back then but i remember some crazy car rides on an infinite perfect straight line, flat as a mirror, cruising at 150km/h, passing donkeys and overloaded trucks (4 layers of hay, horses and people on top, like 3 times the normal height of a truck, no kidding).

  • moby grape

    Why is this newsworthy in any way? Squid on a moped, who cares about either one?

    • Tim

      wes posts on mopeds from time to time. hopefully it doesn’t insult your manly-ness too much.

      • moby grape

        Sorry, please forgive me. I wear Levis and wash them every week. I hope this explains everything. When you get your license back, you might try a motorcycle.

        • Nik

          U mad?

        • James

          That didn’t explain anything.

    • Scott-jay

      Mopeds are motorcycle seeds. Isn’t this a gardening site?

    • Andreas

      Its a funny clip about two-wheels?

      Its about going fast.

      The person who built this moped, probably knows more about tuning/building/wrenching bikes than the average biker…

  • zato1414

    Bonneville warm-up! He was working the draft pretty good.

  • crazyuncle

    Ghostrider, consider yourself served.

  • eric

    rollie free’s great grandson or something?

    • crazyuncle
    • pavinguire


  • Brendan

    …I was pumped when I got my Maxi to hit 45.

    • Chris

      I think that just means we need to shave some weight off your maxi cheif, drop 75lbs or so and draft behind some 18 wheelers and I bet we’ll get her goin at least 70

  • Tony

    I was terrified to get my Cimatti to 35. That guy must have been getting some serious protein off the bugs in his teeth at those speeds.

  • Stephen

    what a hero! i would be doing that if the roads were so pristine!

  • Donovan

    i don’t think my yamahopper would ever hit 35, even if i streamline like that. i also think my rear basket would be in the way

  • desmoworks

    That’s easily the coolest thing I’ve seen in 2011. Wish I was in good enough shape to do that. I’d drop the Dainese, Sidi, RevIt and Vemar I normally wear to get down like this guy.