Racing the EBR 1190 Typhon

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Pre-season testing in Spain revealed that the EBR 1190 Typhon gave away about 9mph on the straights to the fully-faired RR. So, Pegasus Race Team decided to enter the British, European, American Race Series using the faired bike for fast circuits and the Typhon for slower tighter ones. Last weekend, despite setting what was probably the fastest lap of the Lausitzring on a naked bike ever, the team was still three seconds a lap down on bikes like the Aprilia RSV4, BMW S1000RR and Ducati Desmosedici, so put the fairing back on brought home a first and second place.

Pegasus Race Team is the largest EBR race team in the world and has set out to independently develop a naked bike based on the EBR 1190RR platform and plans to sell that kit back to owners of 1125R and 1125CRs worldwide later this year.

Practice for the Lausitzring race was the first time that the team has ever run the Typhon with the full-power, 185rwhp, 1190 motor instead of the stock 1125cc unit.

“I am really impressed about the bike in this configuration, I never rode something what even came close to that,” says the team’s ace rider, Harald Kitsch. “It handles like a Supermotard, but have the power of a Superbike.” Harald has some experience with powerful nake bikes too, having won the 2009 KTM Super Duke Battle.

Pegasus is up against harder challenges than just campaigning a naked in a series for superbikes. They aren’t equipped with sophisticated wheelie and traction control systems like the other teams.

“Generally we say the v-twin brings benefits in and out of the corners, but that’s changing as traction control systems make more progress,” explains team manager Jens Kruper. “Ok, there is still the weight advantage, the 1190 is at 165 Kilo really light, but that’s somewhere BMW is pushing too. On one hand, it is fascinating to compete with people with those capabilities. On the other, we must understand that we are just underdogs compared to their development and testing resources. But after more than 10 years of Buell road racing we are hard to scare, our own tuning programm with the M-TeK Engines (we used only in the practice sessions), the suspension work with AST, new understanding of aerodynamics, all that will pay out at the end. BEARS and SBK Open is a wonderful playground, because we have nearly no technical limits and nothing needs to be homologated.”

In the Saturday SBK Open race, Kitsch came second behind the official BMW race development team. On Sunday, when that team was not racing, he placed first, despite suffering an oil leak mid-race.

Pegasus plans to display a production ready version of the Typhon conversion kit at Assen in two weeks.


  • Paul

    So they finished 2nd against a field of bikes with traction control etc? Good thinking Harley.

    • aristurtle

      They could never have done this with the Harley engine they were stuck with before they went with Rotax, and if the bike doesn’t have a Harley engine there wasn’t much point for Harley to keep them around.

      (Now the question turns to “so why doesn’t Harley make an engine that doesn’t suck”, which is the real question without a good answer).

      • Paul

        My point is, they were heading in the right direction and they pulled the plug. I don’t agree with the Harley sucks drum that is constantly beat around here. The Buell lineup with the Sportster based engines were awesme bikes, just not what most expect out of a sport bike. In my part of the world, East TN, 150 HP sport bikes are fun, but the torque of the Buell motors along with the awesome handling make for some real fun on the twisty back roads.

        Disclaimer: I own and ride both a Road King and DRZ400 SM.

  • smoke4ndmears

    look at that lean angle! m’gosh!

  • Stacey

    Just goes to show that Buells are not totally worthless, as some would lead you to believe.

    That Eric was able to accomplish as much as he does just makes you wish that he had a real partner is producing his vision. And the Pegasus guys are effin’ bad asses for continuing to develop and race this bike.

    • noone1569


  • Thomas

    EB and Pegasus are awesome, particularly when considering the imbalance of resources vs. BMW and the rest or et alii for those of you who completed junior high……sorry just had to toss that in given the state of our education.

  • nymoto

    What is that “air-scoop” on the front fender? To cool the rotors?

    • DoctorNine

      That’s where I saw the brake ducts on the preview carbon fiber bike, but there were two smaller inlets: one above, and one below. Maybe the larger opening acts as a ram for smaller ducts beneath it.

      • noone1569

        Yeah, it’s something a lot of us Buell riders have toyed with. Adding a scoop to cool the rotor seems to prevent even the slightest fade. The 1190RS will have a carbon scoop stock. The issue is that under heavy use (hard canyoning or track usage) the brake rotor can give a bit of heat soak to the tire allowing traction point to change (read: suck). A scoop pretty much prevents this, and still saves a shit ton of weight compared to the traditional two rotor setup.

    • Wes Siler

      Yeah, that big, single caliper likes some fresh air.

  • todd

    that is just …. AWESOME. gooooooooo EBR, pegasus!

  • je

    A typhon 1125 is the best looking street bike on the market period. Pegasus, good job! Ducati, learn from this and clean up that busy looking street fighter of yours.

  • Jens

    The reason of the scoop is the brakepadwear. There is no signifikant heattransfer from the brake to the rim in a Way that attrracts the tyrepressure.