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Tasked with reviving the historic Ockelbo brand as a maker of motorcycles, ATVs and snowmobiles, transportation design students at Sweden’s Umeå Institute of Design came up with these seven concepts. The results are one part KTM, one part Harley and one part pure imagination.

Produced between 1962 and 1989, Ockelbo was a Swedish brand of remarkably nicely designed snowmobiles. Like KTM or, for that matter, Harley, the company’s colors were orange and black. Recently, the brand’s owners began studying the prospect of returning to business, these student designs will help them explore a potential identity.

The first year Umeå students were se the task of designing both utilitarian and sport ATVs and snowmobiles, as well as both a production bobber and street tracker. Here’s what they came up with.

ATV by Casey Phua. “The Ockelbo ATV, an all new fresh design of an all terrain, fully electric vehicle for work and play. Inspired by the beautiful leaves of autumn, the ATV’s form factor is extremely light weight, intricate, highly versatile and modular. Users have the ability to fully customise every aspect of the ATV through the use of easy snap-on parts and panels.”

Bobber by Richard Stark. “The Ockelbo Pacer is a tribute to the first breed of motorycles. It is the essential interpretation of a motorcycle, with modern materials and performance technology. It is a unique, exclusive and extreme product with the intention of promoting Ockelbo without comparison. The new Ockelbo has courage and is up for a challenge! The concept is based on a lightweight carbon fibre frame and a swedish Folan V-twin engine.”

Tracker by Alexandra Ciobanu. “The Ockelbo dirt track bike is inspired by the early ’20s board track races. The design approach is the perfect blending between modern technology and the vintage form treatment. You can take it out for a ride or customize the flat front to a racing plate number. The new Ockelbo vintech bike will give you the adventure of your life!”

Snowmobile by Richard Hansson. “Ockelbo Firn is a snowmobile lightweight vehicle with a focus on being a real sports sled. Inspired by the elements which it is exposed to, Firn’s design language combines the contrasts that exist between pure surfaces and details that are influence by the structure of snow and ice. Integrating elements from the traditional Ockelbo DNA, Firn is for people that do not simply see snowmobiles as a means of transportation, but as a true lifestyle!”

ATV by Erik Evers. “The Ockelbo Lucas ATV is aimed at professional users such as forest owners, ranch owners, farmers and more. The goal was to create a distinct Ockelbo product with unique style that appeals to a the user group. The vehicle features two modes of seating. One classic ATV mode for going in to the forest. One buggy mode where the seating position is lower and the user’s got access to seat belts and more safety. The Lucas also has an auxiliary output to allow for powered equipment to be attached.”

Bobber by Louise McCallum. “The Ockelbo Oscar is the all-new bobber, ‘pre-bobbed.’ Oscar gives riders an option from day one. The novice biker can start riding straight off the shelf, and the enthusiast can get their hands dirty taking it apart. The bike has removable side panels, and give the bike it’s distinct look. Once removed, Oscar takes on a whole new personality, satisfying those who want the raw riding experience. Hoping to increase the appeal of biking to women, the Ockelbo Oscar is truly a bobber with everything you need, and nothing you don’t. 1 bike, 2 riders, infinite thrills.”

Tracker by Yujin Kim. “The Ockelbo Dirt-tracker is designed for not only the dirt track but also the road. Yujin wanted the rider to experience two thrills, drifting on the track and cornering (legally) on the road. The bike features are focused on the harmony between mechanical aesthetics and the surfacing of a monocoque body which is a unique style that contrasts with competitors products. In a configuration totally new to Ockelbo, the dirt-tracker combines the traditional identity of this Swedish brand, with a fresh look which will appeal to both motorcyclists, and Ockelbo purists.”

Snowmobile by Anton Garland. “Ockelbo Poro, is an electric snowmobile aimed at the active snowmobile user, both for trail and freestyle. Anton questioned the current design of the snowmobile today. Why does a snowmobile have to conform to a configuration designed around the motor and not the driver? Why are snowmobiles both so physically and visually heavy? The Poro utilises a traditional alloy frame, combined with composite panels, to only cover what is truly necessary, and allow for complete freedom of driver movement along and across the custom made saddle.”

  • Denzel

    Wow, I’ve never considered drop bars on a bike (the Ciobanu tracker). Nice imaginative stretch on her part.

    • TreMoto_Eddie

      Agreed, if you could figure out the controls aspect it might be a cool way to combine the advantages of both clip ons and flat bars…

  • Paul

    Do not want!

    The use of carbon fiber for the frame on that bobber makes no sense. To make a steel tube style frame out of carbon would be ridiculously costly when the same look could be obtained by merely wrapping the steel frame in carbon or painting it faux carbon, both of which are still stupid in my opinion.

    • dux

      Concepts are always silly – they’re supposed to “inspire”, not provide a blueprint to build from.

  • Dan

    I do like the looks on that Tracker.

    • DAVID

      +1 it looks like a real bike

  • Myles

    All of these are dead hideous, save the final two. The “bobber” is downright offensive.

    The last snow-machine is pretty cool, looks like it would be fast and nimble.

    The Tracker by Yujin Kim is amazing, I’d put it in the top 10% of bikes ever envisioned. It’s like the sexy daughter of a sportster and a superduke.

    • Myles

      To clarify, the Bobber by Louise McCallum.

    • noone1569

      Yeah, Kim’s tracker is stunning. Long design future ahead of Yujin.

      It sort of looks like a really good design take on Zero/Brammos. . .

  • Thom

    The ” Tracker ” by Yujin Kim

    That’d get my wallet out if it was made available . This one NEEDS to be made !!!

    ( if H-D had half a brain , they’d buy the design and get it to market ASAP )

  • Devin

    The Richard Hansson snowmobile is stupid in the way that it will kill the rider. Uncovered belt on the upswing that sticks out past the seat? Falling off the backend of the seat is fairly common, in this case it could lead to significant injury.

  • Thom

    Oh Mr. Buell !!!

    I do believe Mr Kim has your ” Tipping Point ” new street M/C designed and ready for the engineers to make Production worthy .

    FYI ; Hire the kid !

    ( I can just sense the fear from Ducati , KTM , H-D etc. if this ever happened )

  • Archer

    Someone should advise them that Oakley has a cage full of lawyers who, when it comes to trademark infringements (real or otherwise), look like rabid wolverines on a cheeseburger.

    Just sayin’.

    • noone1569

      Oakley = 1975
      Ockelbo = ~1962

      • Archer

        What makes you think that matters in trademark law?

  • Cajun58

    This looks like stuff from the kids at The Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, CA. You know typical art school bullshit.

    • Thom

      Seriously ???

      Yujin Kims’ M/C ???

      Don’t think Kids Stuff or BS fits that one in the least !

      • JonB

        Needs a better/functional swingarm.

        • Myles

          Also needs a rear brake lever. I see the peg – just not the control.

          • Jason

            Designer vs. engineer.

          • cookey

            I feel that pointing out the functionality of the swingarm and the lack of a brake lever is a little short sighted.

            • JonB

              I don’t. Its a horrible looking design.

  • T Diver

    The future is gonna be awesome! Is pic 18 a nuclear power supply!!? Suck on nuclear power Yates and Amarok!!

  • Steven

    three words:

    haters gonna hate.

  • AHA

    Love that Tracker! It’s got a future-retro vibe. Agree with noone1569: it would be even cooler with an electric power train.

    Vehicle concepts shouldn’t offend anyone. They’re just a ‘what if?’ – jeez, if we can’t ask questions now, that’s offensive.