The 230mph jet-powered moped

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In order to comply with legal regulations which often allow them to be ridden without helmets and without even a license, most mopeds are less than 50cc and have a top speed limited to 30mph. This jet-powered MBK has obviously had a few modifications. It exceeds that top speed by over 200mph in a 1/4-mile drag race.

Created by a mad Frenchman who raced under the Drag Mob pseudonym — he got his start tuning Mobylettes — and had some seriously fine taste in helmets, the jetped was the culmination of several decades of moped tuning.

First starting by fitting 125cc two-strokes into stock moped chassis, wheelie bars were added when RD350 motors started appearing in the chassis and top speeds hit 160mph. This bike set the 240cc speed record, reaching 143mph.

Things then moved on to a jet turbine and even a moped powered by a methane-fueled Chevy small block. That bike was capable of 215mph.

As you can see, the jet-powered bike isn’t just extremely fast, it’s also extremely practical, coming equipped with a passenger seat. Carrying a passenger is another big moped no-no.

The 230mph record was set in 2007 and we can’t find a record of any Drag Mob activities since then. This video is allegedly of a test in which the machine was operating at less than 50 percent capacity. Under full power, it was apparently capable of pulling 10g of acceleration.

Damn, this guy had some nice helmets.

via CrazyMoto

Thanks for the tip, Nikolaus.

  • Mark D

    The Cylon Army approves.

    • Alex

      By your command!

  • george_fla

    WTF makes that thing a moped?

    • Nik

      In the beginning they used mopeds, the name stuck, and they evolved into even crazier dragbikes.

      • Joel

        see the distinctive MBK moped frame hiding underneath all that fairing?
        And yeah those are sweet helmets.

        • george_fla

          Motor+pedal= moped. I dont see any pedals so this thing is a jet powered motorcycle regardless of what the plastic MBK shell has written on it.

  • Brant

    Moped Stig?

    • dux

      Good to see the old Stig is keeping busy.

  • vigor

    jet-powered double noodle!

  • Devin

    Ever play those Warhammer: 40,000 games? Those helmets look like Space Marines. Especially that blue one.

  • holdingfast

    omg, when the video zooms out you’re like, hey zoom back in, I want to see what happens, and then you REALLY see it just effin blowin up the onlookers… haha I wonder if they knew what was about to happen.

  • mugget

    Oh yeah – anything with a jet engine is cool!

    I’d commute on a Y2K if I could afford one! (Well, that’s a bit unreasonable… I’d only use it to commute one day out of the week maybe…)

  • Steve

    Daft Punk on mopeds? They are French also, so maybe the wiggy helmets are a Gallic thing.