The royal squid

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Sneakers, a mismatched nylon track suit, a black visor at night, loud pipes and gloves color matched to his Ducati 1198S. Tomorrow, Prince William will be a groom, but last night he was a common squid.

The Sun

  • the_doctor

    It must have been a hell of a bachelor party.

  • Andrew

    Perhaps Kate is forcing him to stop riding once they marry, so he had one last questionably-geared rip!

  • ktaisa

    someone on another forum also pointed out his back tire is looking little flat?

    just cuz you a prince doesn’t mean you have to give a fuck…. i guess

  • tomwito

    Quick someone get him some skinny jeans and some Gasolina boots!

    • Case

      Boots and jeans would be an improvement over trainers and sweats(?). His mom was killed in a car crash in part because she wasn’t wearing a seat belt. Just sayin’.

      • Chris Davis

        This was his chance to show off the latest in Royal Safety Equipment.

        • David

          Horrible chop. But funny.

        • Mark D

          I lol’d

  • Bronson

    Flat tire. DOH!!!

    Any closeups of the chicken strips? I bet they’re a mile wide.

    • aristurtle

      The Moon has a higher air pressure than that rear tire.

      The worst part is when he kills his own dumb ass because the tire comes off at speed, it’ll make normal motorcyclists look bad.

    • Grant Ray

      He’s actually had training on the track. You might lose that bet.

    • bluemoco

      I think he does ok. He and his brother have put their bikes on the track at Goodwood.

      William was also known to ride a Triumph around town. A dark helmet shield and some leathers allowed him to travel incognito…

    • smoke4ndmears

      clearly with that kind of tire pressure they would be minimal.

    • Case

      You’d think he would have a royal tuner that was responsible for keeping the bike in good running order? Checking tire pressures, oil changes, booking track days, etc.

      • Grant Ray

        Everyone’s on holiday for the stupid wedding.

        • holdingfast

          next to the insightful articles (of course) it is these kinds of commentary-conversations that I signed up to HFL for.. priceless

        • nick2ny


    • Marlon

      Yeah, he’s spent a bit of time at the track. I think Vermulen was training him…

      … So wait, the chicken strips might still be there.

  • gregorbean

    You can take the boy out of the castle but you can’t take the castle out of the boy…or something

  • UrbanRider

    Makes me so proud to be British!

    • Cajun58

      This makes me proud and I’m not even British. To future King I say well done old chap well done.

  • Kirill

    You’d think a prince of England could swing a Desmo…

  • Cajun58

    This is a bit of the pot calling the kettle isn’t it. I’m sure when our humble editor young Mr Siler lived in Jolly Ole this was a bloody nightly occurrence and twice on Saturdays for good measure.

  • Mark D

    In 1730, this would have been Duke Fussypants riding his stallion through the town at night, defiling virgins and terrifying the peasantry. Hooray for the Royal Mascots!

  • Chris Davis

    No chain mail? He ain’t all posh like the queen, he ain’t all squeaky clean.

  • Gene

    Better than a Florida rider… at least his helmet isn’t hanging off his passenger grip, and he’s not wearing shorts.

  • hooligan317

    I think I missed something. I see “loud pipes” called out as one of the items that make the Prince a squid. Since when did having Termi’s on your Ducati make you a squid?

  • BeastIncarnate

    Maybe it’s a statement. Like all the times celebs over here are photographed riding around and they’re wearing, at most, a joke of a helmet. So, a stupid statement, but still a statement.

  • TreMoto_Eddie

    Jeez give the dude a break.

    “Loud pipes” –> Termis on an 1198. It’s not like he drilled out the mufflers with a hole saw…

    Helmet, gloves, jacket are the three most important pieces of gear. Orthopedic surgeons can fix feet. Geez, dude is in line to be the King of England. Here in the US, all our bozo politicos are cruising in pirate gear. I’d rather ride with a royal squid. Presumably his Desmocedici is track-only

  • Cheese302

    that’s a good way to get around incognito. Call him a squid, i squid out sometimes too. my own choice, and i’ll pay the consequences at some point.

  • Deep6Dive


  • T Diver

    I’ve been up all night sewing the Astars armor into her dress! Gosh I hope I finish in time!

  • Adrian

    His sneakers do match his helmet.

  • je

    Arai and Ducati are loving life at the moment…

  • Alex

    I’m just stoked he’s riding?! When was the last time someone in the 1st Family was seen on a motorcycle?

    • jason

      Exactly! Seeing anyone that high profile that isn’t some Hollywood tool on a Harley or OOC train/chopper is good for riders in general. Unless he wrecks someday……. then bikes will be banned in the UK and everyone will have to ride Can Ams or some other lames ass 3 wheeler.

  • Thom

    So…….. the real question here should be ;

    Which will come first ?

    Will ( A ) Bonny Prince Willy plaster himself on one of his MotorCycles .. making moms death look like a walk in the park …. or will ( B ) The Fairy Tale Marriage Version 2.0 end up in another gloriously Un Fairy Tale like Divorce ?

    I’ll guess B .

  • ike6116

    Sometimes I wonder If I’m considered a squid. I rock just regular pans (jeans or dress pants if im going to work :-X ) my A* Boots, Olympia armored jacket, oh and gloves of course, but im sure to a lot of people that’s not enough.

    The other day I full on squidded it up for the first time, I was just ridding around town and I wore only my helmet and gloves, bruins hoodie and regular shoes… I won’t lie it felt great.

    • jpenney

      I wouldn’t call you squidly. Sometimes I ride to the CVS ort grocery store with jeans, t-shirt, helmet and gloves.

      • Wereweazle

        I’d say helmet is really the “life saving” factor in most crashes. Gloves are usually worn too because they’re lightweight and convenient. The rest is pretty much just how well you want to go on living AFTER the crash. I usually think a guy is a squid when he’s wearing cargo shorts, sneakers, and no helmet while riding. That happens a lot where I’m from, sadly.

    • Mark D

      Everything but armored pants? Definitely not squidy. I see no problem with that. I usually wear pants when commuting (because, seriously, who am I trying to impress?) But on a beautiful 65 degree sunny day like today? Jeans work perfectly fine. Kept the boots/jacket/gloves/helmet though.

  • Jason

    Lets be serious…who’s rules does the future king of England need to follow? Answer…nobodies! He can do whatever he likes and long may it continue!

  • zato1414

    At least he’s riding! I’m letting the air out of my rear… may be more exciting!