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Freddie Spencer was so precociously gifted as a racer that by age 19 he had several film crews following his every move as he dominated the AMA’s fledgling Superbike class. The combined footage is an incredible time capsule of American racing seen through the perspective of the mild-mannered Louisianan, crammed with interviews and fantastic battles with past giants like Wes Cooley and Eddie Lawson throughout the ’81 season. The crowning jewel is the completely epic 1982 Daytona 200 F1 race, Spencer’s first race on Honda’s legendary V4 FWS1000 battling corner to corner against Kenny Roberts on Yamaha’s prototype square-four YZR500 OW54. Spencer, teammate Baldwin and Roberts were so fast they hit backmarkers by the second lap.

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  • Miticale

    aaannndddd there goes my productivity for the day.

  • Gregoire

    Great !!!!

  • john

    Good stuff

  • Archer

    Fascinating for the history and ambience, sad for the reality of Spencer’s last several years of difficulties.

  • rubber_side_up

    awesome stuff! He’s a true legend!

  • Tom

    Legend, true gentelman and master racer

  • Paul

    HAH Dude @ 1:04 in the second video looks to be holding a pipe!

  • Ganesh

    Freddie burned bright – absolutely brilliant rider! that is freaking phenomenal win ratio – between 1967 and 1977 – 550 races – wining 90% of them – WOW! and not to mention the double world championship – will never be done again!

  • David

    Thanks for posting! Great to watch!

  • Richard

    Awesome. Totally friggin Awesome. It was really cool to see shots of Lawson, Spencer and Cooley dicing it up at Seattle Intl (now Pacific Raceways). On pretty much the same pavement that we race on there today. Well, except for turn two…