This man made a quilt out of panties

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Only sexy panties mind you. Shovelhead, as his forehead tattoo denotes, says he was quite picky about the 58 pairs of women’s unmentionables he used in his artwork. “I don’t want them cheap, dollar store, not-sexy-farm-girl panties,” the artist explains. “I want classy.”

Photos: Danny Henley

So where did a Harley rider, professional landscaper and odd job man from Missouri with a forehead tattoo obtain so many panties? “Most all of them donated,” says Shovelhead. He asked the women who’s yards and houses he works on to contribute to the artwork. “There was a few of them that raised their eyebrows and said, ‘You ain’t getting’ my panties.’”

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Shovelhead, who’s been sober and drug free for 12 years, stitches the panties himself in his mom’s basement and says each pair holds sentimental value. The quilt took him an entire winter of full time labor.

“I just love beautiful women,” says Shovelhead (above) of his motivation. “I’d marry ‘em all if I could.”


Thanks for the tip, Tracy.

  • noone1569

    This. Is. Epic.

  • Wes Siler

    I challenge anyone to watch that video without peeing themselves.

    • Devin

      Challenge accepted. Man I can’t wait to get home and watch this. Not risking this video in the office.

      • Wes Siler

        Ha, it’s pretty clean, considering the topic.

  • Kirill

    No polyester!

  • Mark D

    …do some of those pairs look a little on the large size to anybody else? I guess they grow ‘em big down in Missouri!

  • stempere

    The worst has yet to come, apparently :
    “Coming up later in the week: Shovelhead II: The mannequins in the basement”

    • Brammofan

      Seriously. I thought you were joking about this until I listened to him on the video. The story about how he got started on the quilt is a MUST.

  • Dan

    Nothing says “classy” like snuggling with your lady under a quilt of other ladies’ underpants

  • Ben

    Best story ever posted on this site. Hands down.

  • Michael

    Japanese Version: Quilt of dirty panties

    • Mark D

      Purchased out of a vending machine.

  • Dan

    His voice is surprisingly placid, soothing even, given his appearance.

    Except that it’s a little too easy to imagine him saying, “so I was dressing my mannequin, see, and had this idea to make me a woman suit…”

    • austin_2ride

      “It puts the lotion on its skin or else it gets the hose again”

      • Wes Siler

        I’ve been wondering how long it’d take for someone to say that :)

        • Todd

          He does live near Hannibal after all.

  • HammSammich

    Yep, that close-up shot of his toothless grin is now the wallpaper on my phone…this man deserves to become an Internet meme.

  • Alicia M

    That last photo paired with the “I want classy” quote…. CLASSIC.

  • Greg

    Epic… it’s news and articles like this that remind me why I pay for the HFL subscription.

    “You know…. classy!”

  • eric

    I am guessing his version of sexy women is quite different than my version.

  • Johndo

    This looks like an April’s fool’s thing…but it was posted on the 24th of march…
    Some just have way too much time on their hands I guess.

  • Michael

    The “classy” tweetie bird pair o’ panties is incredible. If this guy displayed his quilt at a gallery during Bushwick Open Studios he would definitely become an Internet meme and a darling of the NYC art scene. I think there’s enough time to make it happen…

  • Cajun58

    Well done HFL your April Fool’s prank is way better then the shitty one Google did this year. I don’t know which would be more disturbing if this were true that this guy is a quilter or that he incorporated patties into a quilt.

    • Wes Siler

      Ha, I actually think April Fools is lame and steer clear of it. Every joke just feels so contrived and stupid.

    • Sean Smith

      This guy’s legit man. He really did it. If I’m ever in Louisiana, MO, I’m gonna look up ol’ Shovelhead. I imagine us talking over the finer points of life at titty bar while we drink cheap whiskey and watch a peg-legged girl dance to Lynyrd Skynyrd.

  • john

    He was only able to do this because he wears DethKiller jeans.

  • John


  • Core

    I am in awe to some degree….

  • Richard

    What’s with the suddenly aggressive heterosexuality at Hell for Leather? Didn’t we come here to read about bikes?

    • Wes Siler

      I don’t think there’s a trend here. Skiny’s Busa article just happened to arrive in my inbox the same day I was being silly about Dethkillers jeans.

  • Kerry

    Shovelhead is one righteous bro’

    I bet he rides a 2012 Dark Custom Nightster with a factory sprung solo seat, wears a Born Loser lid and skateboards?

    • Ben

      No, but I bet all his facebook fans do!

  • Nik

    True American hero right there. GBA.